Stuck at the prep. for the Dragon Quest

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User Info: COOLBGT

8 years ago#1
Hello everybody. I'm stuck at the preparation for the dragon quest and need your help. I need to find all of the oracle pieces but I could find only the left and the right wing. The third piece is nowhere to be found. I've been everywhere in the dungeon at least twice. Even checked the spider den a second time and couldn't find it. Any suggestions. Thanks

User Info: Mortoseth

8 years ago#2
Go to the end of the spider den where the queen spider is. There is the third piece.

User Info: Damiarch

8 years ago#3
There are three stairwells on the map with the wings.Two lead up to the temple cellar,another leads down.You want to go down.Your on the right track when you start fighting the spiders.Open up your big map(defaults to *m*key)to get an idea of where the stairwell is.

User Info: Mangopanda

8 years ago#4
this has been answered in another post.

but to clarify. at the bottom of the spider caves after beating the big spider there were 3 corpses on the floor. 1 spiders 1 human. if you look closely you will see between the spider and the human there is a golden object. its hard to target but that is the last piece
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  3. Stuck at the prep. for the Dragon Quest

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