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User Info: DigitalZ

8 years ago#1
-There will probably be a romance story as well. But we want to abandon erotic components in its intended sense of meaning (keyword: game rating).-

is there romance or not? If it is does gender matter? Usualy I like to play as female but when there are romances I play as male(unless it doesn't matter).

User Info: Zharziss

8 years ago#2
There is no real romance in Drakensang, sorry.

User Info: Flailsnail

8 years ago#3
There's not really a romance story in the game, as far as these things go. None of the party members' relationships are fleshed out that much.
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User Info: L3TUC3

8 years ago#4
Yeah, the level of "hey-ho let's go!" is pretty high.

Meeting fogrimm made sense though, but the rest of the character meet-ups thus far have been pretty random.

User Info: TherumancerX

8 years ago#5
It would be nice if game designers stopped worrying about ratings, or just figured "meh, this is the game we want to make, so let's just take the M/AO label and get on with it".

That said, deep romance subplots really aren't nessicary in the context of Drakensang. It would have to be done right.

From an RPG perspective, a lot of PC relationships are fairly shallow. Laugh if you want, but a bunch of guys meeting in a tavern and deciding that going to bump off the local Dragon would be a cool thing to do for the weekend can be part of the old school, campy charm.

Not quite how Drakensang did it, but you get what I'm saying. :)


User Info: cardician

8 years ago#6
Though I agree with you, the problem with game developers just making the game they want to make is that if it's rated AO or the equivalent, no stores, at least in the US, will sell it. A game like Drakensang will already have a hard enough time selling in the US, if it had an AO rating it wouldn't sell anywhere.

User Info: TherumancerX

8 years ago#7
I disagree actually, companies like Gamestop and such used to carry "Playboy" products and such behind the counters. What's more there is always online sales and such.

As some people have pointed out the lesbian alien romance stuff (albeit in an 'M' game) probably helped to increase the sales of "Mass Effect". The same can be argued of "The Witcher" which had people going through the effort to order it overseas, or remove the content blocks via patches.

It all comes down to lack of guts basically, more than it having a negative effect on sales.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they should add "porn" to the game for it simply to be there. Simply that if it fits the game and the designers sort of thought of it being there to begin with, then they should go through with it and do the game "properly". In some games it fits, in others it does not.

Going back to "Gothic 2" think of the scene when you hire a hooker in the first town (well if you do). That should give you some idea of where things can go without going past an "M" rating to begin with, if a company has guts.

I'd also point out that when it comes to porn games to begin with, some sites like "Jlist" do a booming business in selling even the lowest quality "adult" games imported from Japan that are little more than anime slide shows in many cases. This includes some awful RPGs like "Lightning Warrior Raidy". Both Cobra Mission and Knights Of Xentar became cult classics in the US. What you could do with a GOOD adult game would probably be impressive to say the least, but nobody has attempted to tap that market. Adult games generally speaking being a market for what are arguably hack game designers.

I think all of the arguements about "lack of sales" are simply code for "lack of guts", and trust me, if companies like Gamestop start getting truely clobbered by online sales, they WILL change their policies back to what they were before. It's not a factor right now because simply put most download only games (adult or otherwise) are simply put lacking.


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