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User Info: human-error

8 years ago#1
Yup, our german friends translated a few mods in english. There are some new classes, some extra rewards at some quests, the possibility to disable HDR and the map markers.

User Info: Superrpgman

8 years ago#2
Sheesh, am I the only one that's interested in mods here?

These mods seems pretty sweet. I only looked at the new classes mod so far, but they all seem worth downloading. I'd just like to know if I'm gonna have to deal with any big glitches or anything with these or not.

Gonna bookmark the site, and actually try to mod out when I start playing this game again in a few days. Thanks.
Arcade Generations:
So the arcade classics of every generation are not forgotten

User Info: MaskedMurker

8 years ago#3
How do i get the Mods to work it says I need a \export\db\ In the Drakensang folder is that right? do i need to create it?

User Info: rough4ever

8 years ago#4
I started out with thier modified BattleMage, pretty fun many skills have been redistributed so they can actually be useful,and ur starting with better spells.

User Info: human-error

8 years ago#5
Nope, you don't need to create that location. It is there. Put the unarchived mods in the folder and press install english.bat. The mods don't conflict from what I can tell. So I have them all installed. Some classes are really nice (Sharizad looks good).

User Info: daweas

8 years ago#6
Wonder what it would take for someone to create a "Paladin" mod - i.e. - swords and heavy armor, but the ability to heal wounds and poison thrown in?

User Info: dreamcleaver

8 years ago#7
A wish someone would make a mod that human non mage classes (like the burglar, warrior etc) could learn some basic spells (like balm, attrib boosting etc).

User Info: Superrpgman

8 years ago#8
Anyone else interested in these mods?
Arcade Generations:
So the arcade classics of every generation are not forgotten

User Info: ReyVagabond

8 years ago#9
yeah ill love to see some more mods.

the game is awesome and with some mods its just geting better,
Lucky shoot, you say, but skill is wat i got!

User Info: kcbc

8 years ago#10
I Would like to see some UI customizing mods. One that could make the message log window smaller (love that thing but way too big) and the option to have more then 1 hot bar open at a time .. especially for a healing mage / healer would be nice.

As for creating classes you can use an editor on an existing class to get what you are looking for I am sure. If you tweak one or two skills to suit the flavor you want and reduce others I am sure you could create that paladin or human rogue/caster ect.. without unbalancing the game. Rule or thumb i guess if you improve something, reduce something else /smile

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