Quest Help: For a Handful of Ducats

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User Info: tynin42

8 years ago#1
I'm doing the quest, "For a Handful of Ducats". I made contact with the Stoerrebrandts group who request that I run an errand of picking up an form from Landlord Tradan.

I've slowly walked through each of the parts of the town, without bumping into Tradan. Any suggestions where this guy is located?


User Info: tynin42

8 years ago#2
Figures this would happen. I found him. He is in the Silver Platter Tavern in the northwest corner of Praios Square. Never noticed that building there before.

User Info: hallowinfidel

8 years ago#3
silver platter is on the map, the map is really really helpful in this game

User Info: AZ98

8 years ago#4
If you can figure out the next part let me know, im stuck on the very next part as the journal pretty much says nothing of who im supposed to deliver stuff to.

User Info: ssTrippa

8 years ago#5
ok im on second part of this quest

"Take the order form back"

and finished... when i go to laran. he tell me.

"come back again later...."

but idk what now?

User Info: belgarath123

8 years ago#6

Check back later in the game, he will have more quests then...

User Info: Tezuka-Kun

8 years ago#7
that means continue the main plot and once you finish it return to the guy to do his dirty jobs again

User Info: kcbc

8 years ago#8
Yah you definately have to pay attention when they give subtle clues in quest dialogue cuz it sure was not showing up in the journal. Very happy i did recall where the silver pitcher was (the dwarf was found there).

User Info: sarafanuj

8 years ago#9
I finished the 2nd dragon quest and came back to him.. Then he gave me a bunch of different quests.. Also, don't forget to inform that female in ducal citadel after you finish your 1st quest of 'For a Handful of Ducats".

User Info: Sipherwood

8 years ago#10

This has to do with this quest but a different question, ive only done 2 quests and i was working for Nesback or whatever they are, i had to go force a guy into a contract, but im stuck after that, im already heading into Drakensang and when i do it cancels the quest, am i suppose to finish it up before i go in or what am i missing?
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