Dwarf Nose vs. Perception and other questions

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User Info: cstapleton

8 years ago#1
1. Is there any difference to Dwarf Nose or perception? Should I have both?

2. Gladys(bless her heart) is turning out to be a jack of all trades. Should I train her in alchemy? staffs? ie: is she the best for alchemy? I play a warrior so mixing stuff is out lol.
Are their staffs that will help her out or should I continue on with fencing type weapons?

3. Should I train the amazon in spears? ie: any good ones in the game?

great game so far, remarkably bug free. thank you all

User Info: Dolethor

8 years ago#2
1. Perception detects traps and enlarges the overhead map. It's cool.
Dwarf nose detects hidden doors, but there aren't many. There aren't that many traps either besides a few sections.

2. The best for Alchemy is Aurelia the alchemist. If you can afford it, sure, make Gladys a jack of all trades.

3. There are some great spears out there, no doubt. I trained Rhulana in spears for a while and she did ok. I think in one of my games I made Rhulana a saber-shield combo because she is one of 2 tanks. If you have 3+ tanks, then you can make her a spear.
Frankly my Dear... let's get married again.

User Info: candoitagain

8 years ago#3
2) Staffs are useless in my opinion. Cannot compete with a shield in terms of defense, and cannot compete with other (even single handed) weapons in term of damage.

Gladys should handle social skills, have a few good spells at max, AND be a decent fighter. I would not make her into a crafter if i was you since you will divert experience from more useful things... use casters/rangers for alchemy, and fighters for smithing. Fighters will have more spare experience than casters and charlatans like gladys, since they don't need spells or social talents. So make everyone of them specialize in a craft. OR use the companions you leave at the residence for crafting.

3) Early game I had all my tanks use a shield, because frankly, you need it.

Later on, I got them both a double handed weapons. I kept my one handed weapon and my shield in the inventory in case I needed more defense on a tight spot. But starting around 50/60% of the game my tanks were strong enough (and caster support/healing spells too) that I did not need to use the shields at all, not once.

User Info: Isfacu

8 years ago#4
I'd not waste points on any of the crafting talents with any member of my party. Use the lazy members at your team by the house for that:) Maybe bowyer on one of the active members to craft arrows on the go if you don't bring enough from the house but I wouldn't do that either.

I havn't planned on getting Gladys anything other than fencing, seeing as the very nice 25% wound thingie she gets is just awesome.

***Minor Spoiler***

Rhulana sticks with sabers imo. I was about to divert her into something else, when I completed her quest and the amazon saber just rocks (at least where I am atm @ lvl 10) My main can cast +4 str buff (almost +5, but not yet sadly) and with a few bumped str points a 11/2 saber gets HUGE dmg :P

User Info: cstapleton

8 years ago#5
on the subject of dwarf nose and perception, my warrior with 8-9 perception found the hidden doors rescuing Jessica so is Dwarf Nose necessary?

User Info: candoitagain

8 years ago#6
Seeing as swarf nose (the green icons on the minimap) only worked at two places for me :

1) around jessica
2) the fire bridge when you cross it near the door (but there was nothing there afaik)

I would say it is pretty much useless and perception should do.
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