Character Advancement Logic

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User Info: Bane_v2

8 years ago#1
What are the best methods for advancing your character's attributes and talents?

I just started playing on Saturday as a Warrior. This game is unique in the fact that you can upgrade attributes and talents whenever you have the points to do so.

So I started upgrading my talents because they're cheap (blacksmith, perception, etc.) Then I realized that if I continued to do so I might not ever have enough points saved to increase my attributes (strength, constitution, etc.).

So I decided to ask you guys and gals to see if there are any methods that work well:

Set up attributes at creation and leave them be?
Focus on attributes first and then talents?
Focus on talents and upgrade attributes only if you need to?

Tips and tricks appreciated. Thanks folks.

User Info: Isfacu

8 years ago#2
Well, spend your points on the talents for a good part of the beginning. When you reach higher lvls and start to reach max on your talents you will have more than enough to lvl up your stats. I generally tend to always have at least 500xp left, incase I run into a trainer that's got something interesting:)

User Info: Bane_v2

8 years ago#3
The maximum level for a talent is tied to the level of the governing attribute(s) so once you can no longer increase the talent any further increase the attribute. That makes sense.

I'm going to have to go through the manual again to see if I can learn the relationship between the two so I can set the attributes to appropriate initial levels in character creation.

I learned in other threads to always use the Expert mode when creating a character, which I didn't do the first time. It makes total sense to do so though as my warrior has points in weapons and such that I don't plan on using so they're pretty much wasted points.

Good tip on the reserve points.

Any others out there?

User Info: BlindSkull

8 years ago#4
I am still relatively new to the game (I think my characters are level 7-8 at the moment). At first, I also spent my points on talents. Starting from level 4 or so, I couldn't rise some talents at every time I leveled. Some maximum talent point rule which I was not aware of kicked in. So, I started getting more adventure points then I used to. Some levels later, experience points for leveling increased from 500 to 1000. So even more spare points. And here I am: without fear that while leveling those cheap talents I will run out of adventure points. So, don't be afraid to level the talents you think you need.. or like :D. Even if you don't seem to be left with many adventure points at early levels. Don't worry.

Also, after fighting rat boss... several times... I decided to increase willpower talent with all my characters. Before that, I only had it maxed on my "tanking" character. Getting unconscious not from the damage sustained, but amount of wounds is so annoying... And some monsters have chances to inflict wounds even when they don't do enough damage to wound. Ugh...

User Info: kcbc

8 years ago#5
I have a Talent and Stat Calculator just need to get it into folks hands. With it you can pre plan your character based on approx 16000xp since i think most folks finish at lvl 16.

User Info: cuteLilRabbit

8 years ago#6
You'll have a whole lot of followers. Some skills are not needed for more than one character. E.g. if you do blacksmithing yourself, don't do it on one of the followers.

And save some points for special abilities (Armor Use I, II, III; Offensive/Defensive fighting I, II, III, ...).

User Info: Bane_v2

8 years ago#7
Good point BlindSkull, it brings up another question: given the number of points you get throughout the game how many talents can you focus on?

Yup, I've gathered from other threads that Willpower is one talent you want to keep maximized. Death by wounding even if you have HP remaining is a pretty cool gameplay mechanic though! At least in the early parts of the game I've been to so far.

User Info: Damiarch

8 years ago#8
There is no real point to having blacksmith/alchemy/fletching on your main.(s)he will be with you the whole game. The companions you can change in and out.

In a nutshell build your talents up first.Then look at the attributes and raise the ones that work best for that character.(any weapon user needs strength and agility for example)

Get and learn how the different *modes* work (offensive and defensive).Just stick with the level 1 versions of them untill you find a skill that requires the second level.

Start out with two weapon choices.You want 1hand and shield and 2 hand.Save some room in your hot bar for the three(1h,shield,2h)If your party is outnumbered,use the 1h and shield.Equal or favorable odds..break out the 2h.Be ready to protect your caster.

User Info: danielkx

8 years ago#9
equation to figure what the relationship between attributes and max talent level:

MAX = regular starting TAV + current character level*2 + 3

TAV = talent value. So if you have your willpower talent at 7, the talent value of willpower is 7. So whatever your starting TAV is of your class is what regular starting TAV means.

User Info: danielkx

8 years ago#10
Also a TAV can never be higher than the highest attribute used by it +3.
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