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User Info: asuga

9 years ago#1
Mod/admin please sticky this or something, to avoid the countless threads regarding it.

While some ps3 games will happily load save files from other users with no modification at all, and other save files for other games, will work with a little editing here and there, burnout paradise uses a three point savegame protection system.

Point 1 : the SFO contains a key generated from your user ID, the SYS-DATA file contains that same key, in an ENCRYPTED file, BOTH keys are checked to see if they match each other, and that both match the key generated on the fly, from the currently logged in username.

Point 2 : The sfo asks the ps3 to check the encryption format and integrity of the SYS-DATA file, which in turn, reads a checksum from the SYS-DATA file for the PFD file, if the checksum is invalid, or the initial encryption validity check on the SYS-DATA file is invalid, the savegame WILL NOT COPY TO THE PS3.
Thus, editing anything but the SFO will result in a failed copy, but changing the key in the SFO will not work, as the key in the SYS-DATA file will no longer match... hopefully you still follow here, this means you cannot edit the save file.

Point 3 : When the data is read from the file, there is a THIRD key, one generated the very first time you went online, and accepted the EA server agreement, the third key, decrypted from the SYS-DATA file, is checked online with the key generated when you accepted the agreement, YOU DO NOT KNOW THIS KEY, IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE OTHER KEY.

so even if you *could* decrypt and encrypt your files, you would not know the key needed for the server authentication, so sure, if you broke the 128bit encryption and magically knew the keys to re-encrypt, you could load those savegames up on your own ps3, but the second you tried to go online, the server would spit you out, and more than likely treat your userID as a banned ID, or just fail to connect all-together.

The savegame cannot be edited to work on any other profile but your own, you cannot simple "hex edit" the file to make it work, because "hex editing" encrypted files, BREAKS them.
There have been several users here who claimed it is possible, one of which claimed if someone posted a 100% complete PAL savegame, he would "modify it" for people, well, i posted such a save and he hasn't replied since.

Long story short, nobody can edit Burnout Paradise gamesaves, to work on any other profile but their own, don't bother asking for the saves, and don't bother losing any savegame you already have, trying other peoples, because it simply will not work, and will never work.
If you want all the cars, you'll simply have to do what we gamers did in the old days before savegames could be traded, and actually PLAY the game, it's not that weird a concept right?, to play a game you have rented or purchased?

User Info: msalsaeed

9 years ago#2
thank you very much for clearing this up..

User Info: Daika110

9 years ago#3
I think your user level has to be 32 or something to request a sticky under gamefaqs.
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User Info: phexitol

9 years ago#4
I have submitted a nomination for you :)

BTW, you only need to be level 31 or higher to request a sticky.

User Info: phexitol

9 years ago#5
Too bad you can't edit topics no matter how high your level :(

Here's the page with the info on stickies, etc: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/help/entry.html?cat=20

User Info: Aladrin

9 years ago#6
Sorry, but there isn't nearly enough information here to warrant a sticky, IMO. If you had compiled a list of ALL the stupid questions, and given answers that idiots could understand, then it might be worthwhile. Because face it... Who asks the stupid questions over and over and over, despite them being answered every time? Idiots.

Besides that, you have no proof of the third one. And I'm just assuming that you actually have proof of the first 2. (I know they are signed, but never researched how.) You can't have proof of the third because nobody has broken the first 2 to allow you to try it. You don't -know- what it'll do when you get to that point.
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User Info: asuga

9 years ago#7
-Besides that, you have no proof of the third one. And I'm just assuming that you actually have proof of the first 2. (I know they are signed, but never researched how.) You can't have proof of the third because nobody has broken the first 2 to allow you to try it. You don't -know- what it'll do when you get to that point.-

Actually, i do, i have dumped the network traffic during initial auth and analysed the data, and encrypted blocks are indeed received the first time a connection to the server is made, the rest of the times, the same encrypted block is sent only, not received, and after the xmit, there is an acknowledgement response from the server, using packet filtering, i modified this encrypted packet in transit, being sent to the server, and every time the encrypted block is modified, by even a single byte, the connection fails to complete, common sense would suggest that the ID is being checked server side, but that the ID being checked, is different from the one in the SFO, why bother transmitting an encrypted block of data if the contents is the same as an unencrypted block?.

Additionally, i tried replacing the entire encrypted block with just the ID code from the SFO and it still says it can't connect, , additionally, if you don't modify any packets, but filter that acknowledgement of the first response to the encrypted block, the ps3 gets stuck between connected and not connected, much like it would if you connected on a super slow net connection and the ps3 was still "downloading" the acknowledgement.

I have done extensive research in to encrypted savegames for the ps3, x360 and psp, mainly out of curiosity, and from the various protection methods used, this is one i have come across before, only that itterance, the ID checked server side was not encrypted, yet still different from the user ID code, in that instance, the server and client behaviours were more or less identical.

User Info: esthar_resident

9 years ago#8
So, if I backup my current save to a memory stick, I won't be able to use it in the case I need to get another PS3 (if this one has a problem, for example)?

At first, I thought it was the same thing like in most other EA games. But, I see that Paradise allows me to at least copy it somewhere. I want to believe (for the sake of security) that they only allow it so that you can backup it.

User Info: esthar_resident

9 years ago#9
In case it's important, I am talking about my currently offline save. I am reading through your posts asuga and I would think that going online would somehow affect this.

User Info: asuga

9 years ago#10
your savegame will only work on one specific profile, online or offline, you can't load it on any other profile, and you can't log in and go online with any other profile but the one locked to the save.

you can back it up, and load it on any ps3, as long as you login to the profile the save was made on.
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