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User Info: beliefx20

9 years ago#1

I recently picked up a PSP again; sold my phat PSP long ago because I was disatisfied with the games at the time.

I must say, I wish I had played PQ original or something, maybe I'd still have the PSP from then. This PQ2 is the first PQ game I've played and I'm enjoying it a lot. It's quite challenging and the online component is awesome because you can see how other people around the world are doing in it too.

I guessthese thinking games aren't too popular, it seems like there have only been about 3600 participants that have uploaded their scores, but that's fine. So, is there anyone out there still playing every once in awhile?

User Info: randompersonhir

9 years ago#2
Yeah, I am, i just got onto the top 100 (by about 30 points lol). It's a good game, but keep in mind that not all people can submit their score, as they might not have a wireless internet, or an internet not allowing access from the psp.

User Info: beliefx20

9 years ago#3

That's true, though they're likely in the minority.

Congrats on getting into the top 100. I hope to be there someday too. I still have a far ways to go yet though.

I think my best PQ was 126 on a quick test. In the 100 question I only finished about 36/100 in my first try at it. After the first 40 puzzles or so, it seemed to get a lot tougher.

User Info: randompersonhir

9 years ago#4

Darn, i just got kicked off the top 100 (rank 103) :(

Yeah, they do get a difficulty spike around the 40-50 range. So far, the 60's start to deteriorate my (nearly) perfect run of successful puzzles.

User Info: beliefx20

9 years ago#5

What's your nickname on the charts? I'm codex. I'm at about 117 PQ (~464 world rank), and that's with solving like just under the first half of the puzzles. I'm getting a lot better with the puzzles, and working on higher % instead of simply more puzzles completed now though.

I wish there was more online discussion about this game. It rocks :)

User Info: danielfonseca

9 years ago#6

Hi beliefx20 and randompersonhir,

Glad to see you excited about this game. I am too and actually got into way up in the world ranking (8th place at the time).

Everybody can check the world ranking here:

One good thing is that you don't see any kind of cheats or solvers online (I did a quick search and found none) and it isn't actually very easy to make them, explicitly, in writing, for many puzzles due to the complexity of explaining the moves in some of them.

What I did, for my own safekeeping, is video-camera-recorded me solving the most difficult ones. Maybe in like a year or more I will publish them on youtube or whatever. I'd love to discuss particular puzzles however.

The best one I solved in the 100 puzzle test was puzzle 5-8 which required 8 moves and 36 seconds and I solved it creatively with only 2 moves and 15 seconds getting over 300%.

Also good are the weekly tests for those of you with easy online psp access. This week I am actually number 1 in the world for now, 3rd last week, but there aren't many participants. You can check all week results here:

It's in japanese but you just have to click on the little left or right arrows to switch from one week to another.

Keep it up,

Daniel Fonseca

User Info: beliefx20

9 years ago#7

Hey Daniel,

It's nice to know that some of the higher ranked people still stop-by here once in awhile. I'll have to try out 5-8 tonight, the farthest I've beaten so far is up to 5-1.

I was trying to get over 100% for the beginning ones, and the first 10 I can do except for one of them. It might be 1-4. It's the puzzle with the two ledges on either side of a "canyon." Inside the canyon are a few block pillars, and you have only 3 large pushable blocks to move. The limit is 16 seconds and 4 moves to my knowledge, and the best I can do is 100%. Has anyone exceeded that for this puzzle?

User Info: blueninja4444

9 years ago#8
Yeah, after I bought this I threw my Nintendo DS in the trash (not literally, relax). Brain Training? The DS wants brain training? Jeez, those kiddies should try playing this bad boy.
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