Class Level 10 to 11, no stats up?

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User Info: DataCrash

7 years ago#1
i just leveled my Hunter class from 10 to 11 and i got no stats upgrade. normal?

does it work like that with all classes? or only basic classes?

User Info: Zorak000

7 years ago#2
hunter/ranger/force do not gain any stats past level 10.
Xbox live GT: Zorak000

User Info: MeanGreenLuigi

7 years ago#3
Hunter isn't really a good class to keep leveling up after ten. You probably wanna switch to fortefighter now. It's like a stronger version of hunter. =)

User Info: UltraKev

7 years ago#4
Where's a good place to grind levels for classes when you are a low level. I think I'm getting what, one or two class points right now? I don't want to play this until 2099.
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User Info: DataCrash

7 years ago#5
thx for info, i switched to Fortefighter and it's very good :)

for class exp, any illuminus missions give decent amount (any difficulty), i did all the missions except some of the team ones, and the best one is Maximum Attack G'

rewards are for S Rank, the extra points are from Program DF', the boss after the mission

difficulty C -> 168 +20 Mission Pts
difficulty B -> 262+31 Mission Pts, 3 PA Fragments
difficulty A -> 318+38 Mission Pts, 4 PA Fragments

the PA Fragments let you get Skills/Bullets/Technics that aren't sold in shops

you can add me, we'll run it together, my GamerTag is DataCrash

User Info: TBD2009

7 years ago#6
As great as MAG and Project DF are, you're much better off playing through either "Scarred Planet" (through "Lightning Beasts" to "SEED Express") on Parum's East District Flyer Base. I know that those P.A. Fragments are an awesome incentive, but on anything below a level 30 character, with decent weaponry, you're likely to biff on the S-Rank. Where as, on the above, you can plow through B and A solo (BRING GOGGLES!!!!!!) and get a bunch of Mission Points, EXP, and Meseta... as well as a really high restorative item drop rate (I get TONS of Scape Dolls here!). You can get a little under one hundred mission points just going through C-Rank on these three missions (back-to-back)... which is better than going through MAG followed by DF on C-Rank.

If that's not good enough, you can get a semi-decent amount of Mission Points blasting through "Innocent Girl C", and 100 Mission Points for an S-Rank on "Innocent Girl B"... though, you need to be Level 50+ to actually enter the mission.

Just let us know if you need more help, since the regulars around here know the best places for MP, Meseta, EXP and P.A. Fragments (which I must point out can also be bought at 3 P.A. Fragments for 1 Gold W. Badge, gained only by trading the Silver and Bronze W. Badges you can get from Innocent Girl, and ONLY Innocent Girl.).

User Info: UltraKev

7 years ago#7
Well, I'm in my low 20s now. I tried solo Maximum Attack G and got to the second part of the caves before I ran out of healing items and Scape Dolls. Prolly try it again tonight with more members. I'll look for the Innocent Girl mission too. Where is it located just in case I come back and can't find it for some odd reason?
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User Info: TBD2009

7 years ago#8
I tried MAG on C-Difficulty while I was only level 21, and did fine on the first sections (the Boomas are really predictable) but facing Build-a-Bear and the Rappy hourde got me. I kept getting stunned and then BaBs would slaughter me while bouncing around like an ADHD on a sugar high. So you will want some extra players, so you don't end up swarmed like that.

As for "Innocent Girl", you need to go to Parum, and to the G.R.M. Shop (West District, you can't miss it!). The female Beast at the very first counter (the moment you enter the shop) is the Mission Counter. You might want to "Talk" first, to find out more about the mission, before you accept. This IS a "Story Mission", though, and sets up a few elements for later in the game (but no HUGE spoilers or anything of that nature)... but you don't have to have any knowledge, really, of Episode 1 (the main disc) to enjoy it. Just do as Charly says in the mission brief, and enjoy the 300% EXP boost while fighting some Level 35 monsters. Their damage modifiers have been ramped up (they can kill you in a couple of hits), but their health is seriously nerfed down to the point you can pick at them and chip them to death, if you get too overwhelmed. Plus it's a Limited Partner Mission (just you and the "client"), so you do have some backup. Just don't expect much support, since combat isn't the primary focus of the project. (Trying not to spoil things for you too much).

My advice for Innocent Girl:
1) Bring Goggles (EVERY tree in VR Block 1 can be destroyed). If you don't have Goggles yet, please go to GUARDIANS Colony 5th Floor (HQ) and run through "Episode 2-1 - The Mask" and earn them there. Goggles play a pretty useful role in the course of your later missions (especially for breaking open alternate paths to get to the hidden enemy spawns, so you can get S-Ranks).

2) Bring at least five Trimates (if you have them), or a good stock of Monomates and Dimates. You will NOT need Scape Dolls (you fail the mission totally upon "death" anyway), and there are plenty of item drops to give you better healing items anyway.

3) IF you have weapons with elemental attributes in Ice, Light, and Ground, you will have a MUCH easier time of this mission. VR Block 1 is all Lightning enemies (use Ground), VR Block 2 features a majority of Fire enemies (use your Ice here, obviously), VR Block 3 is nothing but Dark monsters (Light will really wreck them good!), and VR Block 4 is a triple-boss battle with nothing but Fire enemies. You will have some trouble if you bring in same-type element weapons to fight these guys. If you don't have counter-elemental weapons, you might try bringing in some guns for the harder enemies, and get some elemental weaponry.

4) Keep playing the mission. It's "boring" after a while, and having to stop constantly will drive you nuts... but the rewards for getting through this mission successfully quite a few times (less than twenty S-Rank completes) will be well worth it. You will notice three RED blocked doorways (these open up as you complete the mission multiple times), and when you start getting them open, you'll get the Bronze/Silver W. Badges. When you start getting them, you can trade them for Gold Badges, good for getting some nice items from "Gifts from Beyond". I'll explain more about that when you've got the Badges, but trust me... it's REALLY worth stock-piling them NOW while you're a much lower level. And the "Final Rewards" you get are BEYOND worth all the trouble. I'm still using mine, and I'm level 84 right now.

Let me know if you need more help, as I'm always looking to give back a bit to the community. If you want, I sometimes help out players (in-game) if they really need it (though, I never give out my GamerTag on LIVE, since I'm always getting a full list)... so if you leave your GT and tell me who to look for, I could likely give you a small tour (for free) of the hotspots I used to level up so quickly.

User Info: UltraKev

7 years ago#9
Ok, well, after trying some random mission in Parum (I think?) I ended up fighting and killing Mother Brain solo (whom I haven't seen yet in Episode 3 since I wanted to level up a little) and it was more by accident than anything. I thought, oh no, I'll never make it that far... whatever. So, she dies, then I get a Rare Mission with +500%xp and +500% item drops. Nice.

So, now I go pick up a couple of partner card adds and try Maximum Attack G using Maya and Tonnio and get all the way to the Ruins C (yes, I bought a cake from the shop... hell, it was in PSO and I HAD to buy one, so I bought one here and redecorated my room) and then got to the small fenced room with what seemed like a thousand Delsabers and five hundred floating spell casters and after killing who knows how many I took like three fireballs in the face and got instantly killed and had no Scape Dolls left. So, I don't know how close I was to winning but I had a blast and made a boatload of cash. Somehow after all the previous fighting with Mother Brain and whatnot my Hunter class jumped from four to almost nine! Nice stuff. Gonna do a Neudaiz mission and get it to (hopefully) ten and then change to a Fortefighter so I can use axes and some good S-Class stuff. Now, if I could just find some good sabers...
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User Info: UltraKev

7 years ago#10
Oh, gotta say. LOVE the tribute PSO levels. Funny taking machine guns in to an old PSO level and standing there and shooting in to crowds. MUCH more satisfying than the old Mech Guns. There's also something strangely satisfying about being able to say, "Suck Photon Art, you stupid Rappys!" Ah, lovely.
486DX66-2(!) with 4MB RAM, QuadSpeed Goldstar CD-ROM, 3.5 Floppy AND a 5.25 Floppy! Running Win3.11! Take that, Uber Systems!!

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