Double EXP

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User Info: MelvinSmiley

9 years ago#1
I don't know if this old news but has anyone else noticed DubXP does nothing if only one person has it equipped.

I had it on Atsuma and was watching Karin's EXP which was about 8000 in front of Atsumas, this didn't change after 3 or 4 battles.

I tried equipping it on all characters though, it seemed to give more xp.

Anyone have any input on the subject?

Does the same apply with the other double skills?
If it can't be fixed with pantyhose and fencing wire, it's not worth fixing.

User Info: DarkSeed

9 years ago#2
Wow dude, your username brings back some serious memories. I used to love that movie as a kid. XD.

Sorry though, can't answer your question.
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User Info: KojiroX2

9 years ago#3
Some of my characters had the sp up skill, but every one gets the same amount which is displayed after the battle.
Maybe the character who kills the monster needs the skill but everyone gets the benefits?

User Info: MelvinSmiley

9 years ago#4
I thought that to. But I only noticed a difference in EXP when all human chars in the battle party have it equipped.
If it can't be fixed with pantyhose and fencing wire, it's not worth fixing.

User Info: jayallen930

9 years ago#5
well i noticed dat too after i got omega i wanted to level him up so i trained at the holy shine temple i noticed i was getting atleasted 20k so 28k n i thought since i have double exp i should get 40k to 56k but dats not tha case so i took off the double exp n noticed i only got around 12k to like 17500

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