K-1 Legend mode?

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User Info: sphanlon

9 years ago#1
This mode looks like it would be awesome, if I knew what the heck was going on. Can anyone translate any content of this game?

User Info: rodninni

9 years ago#2
I can help. What do you need to know? I should just go ahead and make an incomplete FAQ for this game since I have enough notes to explain the majority of what's going on. Just post questions here and I'll answer them.

If at first it looks confusing, know the menus are much easier than they appear. Have you created a fighter yet? If not, that's what the first few menus will prompt you to do.

In order, it asks that you:
Pick a file slot.
Enter a name
Choose your country flag
Choose your fighting stance
Choose to lead with your left or right

Then there's a menu that gives you two options:
Choose a K1 Fighter

In the create menu, here are the options: (Select allows you to zoom out and view your fighter)
Body Type
Skin Color
Hair Color
Facial Hair
Trunk Styling
Chest Tattoo
Right Arm Tattoo
Left Arm Tattoo
Back Tattoo

Then you choose your height and weight.

Then choose your music / theme.

O accepts and finishes your fighter.

User Info: rodninni

9 years ago#3
On the K1 Legend Menu, here is what I've been able to figure out, so far.

Start Day

Calendar / Schedule: Within this, fights are represented by the red icon and can be placed on the days marked for K1 events, usually the first block in a row.

Attribute / Powerup Menu

??? Seems to be an update advice screen. Click on it and the coach appears, but so far it hasn't resulted in anything other than text.

Specials Menu: Change Specials, Sparring (to preview these attacks), Change Music

Save Profile


Save and Exit: Options within ask if you want to save, and then asks you to confirm that you would like to exit

Some tips / other info:
Earn Special moves through sparring. This is the yellow icon when scheduling events on your calendar.

More points are earned if you KO your opponent while sparring.

You win attribute points by competing in and winning fights (Schedule the red icon on a K1 Event day). Use these to increase your attributes.

Press triangle to view your overall progress and health when on the main menu. You can see limb damage and such and schedule accordingly. To the right you will also see the experience points accumulated during sparring.

When you complete all five sessions for each sparring group, you get to spar with a representative of that group. These have always resulted in more Special attacks for me.

Hope this helps!

User Info: sphanlon

9 years ago#4
thanks so much!!
Okay, well here are a few points I need help on.

First, during create, I know the first time it shows the text to choose and type out, it's choosing your name. But there is a second time right before you finish creating the fighter. What's that for?

Also, at the calendar screen. What are the different colored tiles? I know they represent actions to schedule. What are they by color?
And how is the calendar organized? Is it like usual where up and down are time slots and left and right are days?
How much of the calendar must you fill up to progress? And how much should you do a day?
Every slot?
To progress, I guess you back out of the calendar and press "start day", right?

Do you schedule sparring in the calendar or just from the specials menu?

Do you eventually run into the GP in this mode or will you eventually export your guy to use in GP mode?

sorry for all the question, but thanks again

User Info: rodninni

9 years ago#5
Answers to those last questions:

Not sure what the second name entry field is for, but the first is the only one I see displayed when playing. The second can be seen in the profile screen by pushing triangle. Maybe there's somewhere where we can view the default fighter's profiles and figure this out. I was wondering this myself.

The different colored tiles are for training, sparring, resting, and fighting. I don't have the game in front of me, but I think the colors are green for training, yellow for sparring, blue for resting, and red for fighting. If those are wrong, look at the icons. Training has a weight on it; sparring has a pair of gloves, resting has this: Zzzzz. And fighting is red, I know.

The calendar flows from left to right. I think at the top you can see the month and day, but I'm not certain. I just see numbers there that seem to correspond to dates. I treat each row as a week, and the blocks as days therein (even though there aren't seven). You can fill the whole calendar or just one block before progressing. You can also go back and change anything you want if you have a fight or sparring session and realize you need to recover before going to the next session. If the blocks are days, you can only do one thing per day. Which is why I treat those blocks as days rather than hours within a day. It wouldn't make sense that you would be able to fight and do all the rest in one day without it damaging your body. Also if the rows represented days, that would mean there are fights and events held every day. Every week makes more sense.

I always fill the slots. If nothing else, rest that day. And to progress, you just back out and go to start day.

Sparring is scheduled from the calendar menu. What you see in the special menu is to view your special moves when a new one is assigned and see how they might work and connect with one another before being damaged in a bout because they poorly complement one another. No points are earned in this mode. Only in the one represented by the sparring icon in the calendar.

If this follows the format of the Legend mode in the US release, you have to first accumulate 1000 points before being able to participate in the GP. I can't verify this yet, as I deleted what progress I had made while messing with the options menu today trying to figure out what everything was. Just started a new career.

User Info: sphanlon

9 years ago#6
Thanks for all this. What's the typical week you schedule? And how do you know when you really have to rest? I'm sure something in there indicates fatigue.

User Info: rodninni

9 years ago#7
Hit triangle on the main screen and view your limb / body damage. You can see which parts need rested. You may have noticed that you sometimes enter bouts already injured. Guard against that and an easy KO by resting beforehand. Damage is as follows: Blue is healthy, light blue indicates slight damage, yellow indicates medium damage, and red indicates severe damage. Rest until your damage is back into the shades of blue.

I generally schedule fights for the first day of each week, resting both the day before and the day afterward. If you body doesn't need to heal, I would schedule a training session to give stats a boost. Sparring is better scheduled in the middle of the week as sometimes you can take significant damage and have to cancel a previously scheduled fight due limb damage. Either that or choose to go ahead and fight hurt, which is a handicap.

The more you spar, the quicker you can accumulate special attacks.
The more you train, the quicker your stats level up.
The more you fight (and win), the more points you receive to distribute among your various attributes.

So focused on what areas you want your fighter to improve in, schedule accordingly.

User Info: sphanlon

9 years ago#8
Ok, well I restarted and didn't start well. Lost my first match which I tried the first day. It went to a decision. I'm used to using the real fighters and this guy has nothing for speed and power, obviously.

Ok, so sparring is for special attacks only?

What is the difference between stats and attributes?

I don't understand anything in the attribute/powerup menu. I guess I'm distributing points, but I don't know what's what. Can you tell?

Also, I think I may need some gameplay tips as well. I was pretty good at this game, but not with this gimped out rookie character.

User Info: sphanlon

9 years ago#9
And before I even get there, can you make any sense of the specials menu. I haven't even seen it yet, but I'm sure all the moves are in Japanese.

User Info: rodninni

9 years ago#10
Still stumped about stats and attributes (and not sure I'm referring to either correctly).

As you've probably seen, the stats go up automatically when training is scheduled. I'm not sure what each area is, but it's not like the player has control of how they are distributed anyway. I'm taking this as the overall stats of the fighter due to the way other fighting games are set up. Training typically results in base stat increase. I'm assuming it's the same here.

If you look in the right category, bottom-half, you will see a number that have a label with HP attached. I'm guessing here, but that may be for each body part that can take damage: head, chest, body, and individual limbs. As for the others, who knows? Hopefully someone will come along who speaks Japanese and fill in those blanks for us.

And I'm like you with the attributes. I distribute them blindly, although I'm assuming they correspond to stuff like how quickly you recover from a knockout and the like rather than building up a strong base. It seems as this is to differentiate fighters you may create by assigning them specific skills? Again, this is guesswork.

The Specials Menu is simple though. You only earn one special at a time. Ones you haven't previewed or used will be marked "New!". Since you only earn one at a time, it's pretty easy to keep track of in the early going. Assign those you earn early on and then trade them out as you accumulate others. I think you're going to find a few you stick with and don't alter, either because you come accustomed to having used them or the fit the fighting style you're trying to create.

Which brings up your point: how difficult it can be to fight effectively with the early builds of these fighters. I actually like that, because it requires that you use strategy. I would suggest filling the first few weeks with training and sparring, resting when needed. If you start with the higher leveled sparring partners, you'll also earn more points than facing the lower-tiered guys. This can be a quick way to earn a special attack, which will make your fights much easier.

When you earn a few of these and your quickness and power increases, it becomes more fluid. But in the early going you can easily slip up, get frustrated, or try to force a quick win that you get knocked out easily. Plod through those first bouts and earn some wins to increase attributes, it really makes the rest of the mode easier.

As for advice, rely on punching early on. Kicks seem so slow and can be easily telegraphed with these rookie fighters (unless I distributed my attributes to hand speed or something I couldn't read). When they start to move into attack, lead with a jab and follow with a combo, ending with a kick. Mix up punches and kicks. The CPU always seems to throw in combinations. Weather the entire attack and once their stamina has been depleted, attack.

To break a CPU combo, use your sway button. You may find that they sometimes land 4-5 blows even though you're holding your block button. That's because the low attacks leave you open for a high attack and vice versa. By swaying, you can bring their combo string and even counterattack.

If you want an instant KO (great for when you are behind) try to time a direction + attack or Special with an opponent's attack. Be careful though, because their's can cause the same if you're late.

If all else fails, push your opponent. Walk into them to push them up against the ropes and land the knee. Use this to work the body and slow their attack if they're pummeling you. Also use this pushing technique to land close range specials. Push them against the ropes, let off slightly to attack, and release a combo or Special! Great for that short-range backhand slap you earn early on.
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