how do i delete saved games?`

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User Info: NickNameUser

9 years ago#1
i don't seem to have a folder with them in it.
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User Info: k1n9_cr1ms0n

9 years ago#2
I think the default install location is something like C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind and you should see a saves folder somewhere in your morrowind directory where ever you installed it. If you don't see them, search your file system for "*.ess"(without quotes) which is the file type for morrowind saves.

User Info: NickNameUser

9 years ago#3
i searched for them, and they do not show up, this is weird

User Info: blitz789

9 years ago#4
mine are in c/programfiles/bethesda softworks/morrowind/saves. hope that helps.
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User Info: xxxkaiserxxx

9 years ago#5
You must be using Windows Vista.

While in your installation folder click on the tab on top named 'Compatibility Files'. You will be able to see the 'Saves' folder then.


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