My computer wont recognize the game disc.

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User Info: TMG21121

9 years ago#1
I just bought this game from Best Buy, and my computer wont acknowledge the disc. I put it in the drive, and it doesnt do anything at all. I installed the game on my non-gaming computer, and than I transferred the data to my gaming computer, and than the launcher comes up, but my computer still will not recognize the disc when i hit play. I tried a no-cd crack but it still said I needed to insert the disc. Im on a Vista... anyone have any advice?

User Info: manda39

9 years ago#2
Mine was playing ok....but it wouldn`t let me do the kill the cave rat mission....only 1 rat in the I did the patch and it wouldnt recognise the disk...
also I can`t get tribunal or bloodmoon to instal...installed morrowind,but where it says install me 2nd above tribunal ,it just has the option to play or view read me come up....same with bloodmoon....clicked the play icon but it just seems to be for morrowind

User Info: MrPlanters17

9 years ago#3
Return it for another disk to see if that helps at all, if not....then try another No CD-Patch.....
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User Info: MusicGusto

9 years ago#4
Err do other CD's run fine on your laptop? If so, I think it's a problem with your computer, so returning the game won't do much help. Go to your computer company's website and download the latest drivers for your optical drive.

User Info: MusicGusto

9 years ago#5
Oops, I meant if other CD do not work, then it's a problem with your computer

User Info: riffraff12000

9 years ago#6
Relationships take time. Your computer isn't going to recognize the disk on their first meeting.Do you recognize people when you first meet them? No, I didn't think so. Just introduce them and leave them alone for a little while, they'll buddy up before you know it... or kill each other. Either way.
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User Info: yarow12

9 years ago#7

RE: riffraff12756

Yep. Same thing happened to me liek 2~3 months ago. My mom's computer wouldn't even aknowlege its presence (nothing happened but scratchy sound), and now I'm FINALLY installing it. WOOT!~ XD Looks liek I'll be playing it tomorow though. Seeing as how patching (mods aswell) takes forever. Just give it some time and/or try again another day. Good luck. ^.^

User Info: yarow12

9 years ago#8
Oh yeah, try this:launchthe launcher from the MORROWIND directory with the disk still in>go to My Computer>wait 15 seconds to see if it comes up>if not then re-open the disk tray and close it again> wait 15 seconds. That should do it. Works for me every time. It usually brings up another launcher 3 seconds after I do it myself.

User Info: Melirune

9 years ago#9
You are playing it on a Vista as well? My condolences. Anyways, if you ever do get it up and running, here is something that I posted on another site. Hopefully you will find it helpful in playing your game once it runs.

Ok, Today I installed Morrowind GOTY (Game of the Year) on my windows Vista. I had problems with it for about... all of 5 minutes. Now, I don't have a great graphics card or anything. In fact, I just have the factory stuff in here. But, it still runs good.

Now, The problem I found (even when I played this game on XP) is that you *HAVE* to install Tribunal before Bloodmoon. Start with that.

So, install Morrowind, Construction Set, then Tribunal, Bloodmoon.

Next, make sure you have your UAC (User Account Control) turned off. I believe you open your start menu, go to Control Panel, User Accounts, and at the bottom you will see "Turn User Account Control on or off" Click on it, as you of course want it off.

Next, go to your Desktop. Find your Morrowind desktop Icon, right-click on it, and select "Properties". From here, you want to click on the "Compatibility" tab. Now, where it says "Compatibility Mode" you will want to check the box (Run this program in compatibility mode for:) and select "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" or "Windows 98/Windows Me" Click on "Apply", and then on "OK"

Now, I do not know how well the game will run as Windows 98/ Windows Me, but it runs fine for me as Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

When you are ready to play the game, right-click on the Morrowind desktop icon, and select "Run As Administrator"

This is about as well as I can do at the moment. Hopefully this will work for you. If not, I am deeply sorry, and hopefully someone else can offer better advice than I.

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User Info: yarow12

9 years ago#10

Forget what I said yesterday. Turns out that was a once in a life time chance that'll never happen again. -_- It litereally takes me hours to get into the game. T-T

Anybody know where I can get a No CD patch for version 1.5? I can't even update this version to 1.6. Let alone downgrading to version 1.2. Keeps talking about a file not being found.

I knew I shouldn't have bought the Frenchversion. >.>

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