Is there a combat overhaul mod?

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User Info: Autocthon

9 years ago#1
Don't get me wrong the game rocks.

I was just wondering if anyone had found a way to make combat better.
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User Info: yarow12

9 years ago#2
Try Combat Enhanced
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User Info: Cresset

9 years ago#3
In planet elder scrolls, search for "combat". There's a bunch. The one mentioned above is the one I use, but another interesting one is "daggerfall style" (dunno the exact name). It makes you swing the mouse different ways for different attacks (instead of walking around).
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User Info: Autocthon

9 years ago#4
OK Thanks.
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User Info: Autocthon

9 years ago#5

How about a fix for the unarmored glitch?
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User Info: Kalirion

9 years ago#6
By unarmored glitch I assume you mean the "have to have at least one piece of real armor in order for unarmored bonus to be accurate" bug? I think one of the mods I looked at adds an "invisible helmet" for the glitch.

Also, my unarmored character didn't have ths problem because he was always wearing Boots of Blinding Speed :)

By the way, with the Daggerfall combat mod, are the advantages of lower-damage attacks (greater chance to hit) taken into consideration? Otherwise there's no real point...
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