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User Info: GodofMorrowind

8 years ago#1
I can play the save games normally but when I start a new game and get into the first house/office building to set up my new charector I get this message and the game freezes. Is this being caused by a Mod I am running or did remove some file by mistake?

Model Load Error: Meshes\max\max_sm_log_wg_01.nif cannot load file in Meshes\max\max_sm_log_wg_01.nif.
Will use the default object Marker_Error.NIF.

User Info: alpo706

8 years ago#2
First, try using TESTool to create a merged objects file, and activate the merged objects esp under data files in the launcher.

If it still gives you trouble, load Wrye Mash and see if there are problems with mod agreement.

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