Morrowind PC Game with Xbox 360 Controller

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User Info: Spudkitty

8 years ago#1

I have Morrowind GOTY for the PC andWindows Vista 32 bit. I would like touse my X360 controller and have download the driver from Microsoft which connects the X360 controller to the PC. But I can't get Morrowind to recognize the controller. I have read that people have been able to play the PC version with an X360 controller, so I am wondering why mine isn't working.

Any ideas? I would appreciate some help from knowledgeable gamers!

User Info: Dash275

8 years ago#2
Morrowind isn't really built for Joysticks. Use Xpadder to map keyboard keys to your Controller's buttons, and you should be able to play fairly decently with a controller.
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User Info: blueRats

8 years ago#3

^ this video shows you how to use Xpadder. I'm pretty sure it has a link in the description to download xpadder. I use it to play morrowind, among other games for PC. Works like a charm.
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User Info: OnceUponAB10nd3

8 years ago#4
Thanks for that blueRats. Will definitely give it a try once I get the green light from my bro (it's his comp >_>)
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User Info: SLay

8 years ago#5
I used xpadder and the game is playin great. Hope you get it working.

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User Info: Likecherrycola

8 years ago#6
You need a plug and play USB device, or a wired controller. The charging station does not count as a wired controller, sadly.=/
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