How do you unlock the "Charlie" ball/marble?

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  3. How do you unlock the "Charlie" ball/marble?

User Info: Siegfried066

7 years ago#1
^^ topic. This seems to be the last ball/marble I need (there's 1 question mark remaining in the ball/marble select-screen), but neither of the FAQs unfortunately has info on how to actually unlock the "Charlie" ball.

Can anyone please confirm on what you need to do/ clear to unlock this final ball/marble?

So far, I've cleared all 45 basic levels (all 45 Green Crystals collected), got Gold on the first 5 levels for both the normal and the Mirror modes. 14 Secret Levels are available + cleared (no Golds there yet, just a few Bronzes).
A total of 10 Golds also means I've unlocked the first 2 bonus levels (so far I only cleared the first one, "A", on Normal).

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who can help clear up what the deal is with the "Charlie" ball/marble!

FYI: I'm playing the EU version, but I don't think the unlockables are any different from the USA version.
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  3. How do you unlock the "Charlie" ball/marble?

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