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User Info: kirbymastah

5 years ago#1
Since I'm bored, I decided to type up ability analysis for each ability and their moves, and maybe put it together in a FAQ; for some reason, I have a lot of fun typing these up. Since the admins are too silly to not accept our sticky requests for the damage guide, this could also be a way to sneak in the damage data into my (possible) FAQ as well. Furthermore, by posting this on a message board, I can get my analysis critiqued, learn things that I might've missed and so on.

Of course, before I start posting an ability analysis here, I want to shout out to Plas and gsk and whoever else contributed to the damage chart and publicly ask you guys if it is ok for me to use your data (obviously with credit to you guys) as part of my guide and analysis. I know you all put in TONS of work, and I really appreciate it, and I've definitely used it to help me in arena runs and such.

So... Permission? ^^; I'm primarily asking plas since he's most active around here, but it'd definitely be nice to get a respoonse from gsk and the other as well.

User Info: Plasdurock

5 years ago#2
Sure go ahead. If you like, send me a note and I can send you the guide through an email as well, so you don't have to refer to gamefaqs every time.

Just make sure you don't turn the anaylsis into a tier or favs list in disguise, for these things you gotta remain as unbiased as possible. That's my only request. :)

Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't. -Mark Twain

User Info: kirbymastah

5 years ago#3
All right, I'm trying to make it an unbiased, objective analysis with strengths and weaknesses of every ability (but honestly it's hard to make it sound like needle doesn't suck, imo... and it's gonna be hard to talk about wing without praising how amazing it is... any ideas for that later? lol)

Sword Analysis

Note: All of sword’s attacks cut ropes, and are piercing (goes through walls, floors, etc).

16 dmg

Kirby does a simple overhead slash in front of him. This is a quick attack with good range and speed, and is able to hit multiple enemies, usually OHKOing them.

SWORD BEAM [Press 1 at max hp]
16 dmg

Kirby swings his sword and fires a small red beam. This is the only projectile that Sword has, and because you need to be at full health, it is very situational and weak, since it doesn’t plow through them. Better than nothing, but don’t rely on it.

MULTI SWORD ATTACK [Mash 1 during Overhead Slash]
1st hit is NOT comboed from Overhead Slash - 8 dmg
1st hits IS comboed from Overhead Slash - 7 dmg
2nd, 3rd hit - 7 dmg per hit
4th hit - 10 dmg
5th hit near - 28 dmg
5th hit far - 32 dmg

Kirby slashes the target with many, many slashes, finishing it off with one final overhead slash. It combos from overhead slash, so if some enemies weren’t finished by the initial attack, you can continue with this to finish them off. Against bosses, the overhead slash + multisword combo is completely outclassed by the overhead slash + sword spin combo.

DRILL STAB [Dash + 1]
1st hit - 12 dmg
2nd hit - 10 dmg
Total max - 22 dmg

Kirby slides forward, holding his sword out. A useful attack to use while moving horizontally, with invincibility to boot. It doesn’t go too far compared to other dash attacks, but the range on the sword helps plow through ground generic enemies. Being able to link it into an upward slash is pretty cool too, and, despite this combo being situational, can come in handy.

SWORD SPIN [Dash + 1 in midair]
12 dmg

Kirby spins himself and his sword vertically, covering all angles around him in the 2D Plane. This is one of sword’s two basic aerial attacks. It covers Kirby’s body from all angles, and defeats all basic generics, and you won’t bounce off enemies, so it doesn’t slow you down either. But use it against a boss, and you’ll likely get hurt by touching the boss. Ideal for generic enemies, not so much for bosses and minibosses.

CHOP AND THRUST [1 in midair]
16 dmg

Kirby swings his sword in the air, and holds it out diagonally, damaging anything he hits and bouncing off of it. The other of Sword’s two basic aerial attacks. You’ll bounce off of anything you hit, which is a mixed blessing. On one hand, it bounces you into other obstacles and slows you down considerably against generic enemies. But on the other hand, you can strike a boss/miniboss and bounce off to safety, and do another chop and thrust to bounce off safely again. Ideal for bosses and minibosses, but sword spin is better against generic enemies.

User Info: kirbymastah

5 years ago#4
DOWN THRUST[Down + 1 in air]
Sword Strike - 22 dmg
Shock wave - 16 dmg

Kirby points his sword down and drops down like a stone, stabbing enemies beneath him. On paper, it’s very useful, but unfortunately it doesn’t have invincibility. This means if you use it, more often than not, you’ll get hurt by touching an enemy you’re plowing through simply because you don’t have invincibility (or even worse, you plow through a gordo). It’s certainly not useless, but that lack of invincibility really hurts this move, especially since many other abilities have downward moves that have invincibility.

1st hit - 12 dmg
2nd hit – 8 dmg
Max total – 20 dmg

Kirby gives himself an extra lift, swiping his sword upward. A great anti-aerial attack, and it can be comboed from drill stab. Starting invincibility definitely helps too, and you can even use it in the air to give yourself another lift! This is definitely one of sword’s best attacks for its versatility, vertical range, invincibility, and speed.

SWORD DIVE [Down + 1 during Upward Slash]
Dive hit is NOT comboed from Upward Slash - 12 dmg
Dive hit IS comboed from Upward Slash – 10 dmg
Ground impact hit – 32 dmg
Max total – 44 dmg

Kirby shoots down diagonally and slams into the ground with his sword. A cool combo linked from upward slash. It’s good for damaging something below you right after upward slash, and is just really fun to use. It’s good against bosses, but chances are, you’ll get hit right after this move since you’re vulnerable at the end, and the full drill stab + upward slash + sword dive combo is still outclassed by the spin slash combo…

SPIN SLASH [Hold 1, release]
1st hit - 12 dmg
2nd, 3rd 4th & 5th hit - 10 dmg per hit
6th hit - 28 dmg
Total Max - 80 dmg

Kirby takes a brief moment to charge his sword, then spins around horizontally, slicing anything near him multiple times. This is sword’s most powerful move at its disposal, and its main damage dealer against grounded bosses. Although the charging aspect seems to make it a slow move, it charges very quickly, and most of the time you start the charge by using an overhead slash, so the total combo does even more damage (96 total). Even better, you can move laterally while spinning, so you can avoid getting hit while slicing bosses with this attack’s good range! An excellent move for dealing damage on grounded bosses.


Sword is a well-rounded melee ability, with solid range, fast attacks, above average power and mobility, and many combos. Its main weakness is having no reliable down attack nor projectile. Its power against grounded bosses is decent, with the overhead slash + spin slash doing good safe damage overall, though sword is weak against aerial bosses. Considering it’s the first ability in the game, and a very common one, it’s a solid ability to fall back on that’s easy and fun to pick up.

Thoughts? what to change? is it objective enough? Anything factual I should change? let me know =)

User Info: ansujitsu

5 years ago#5
I don't think Needle sucks at all. Its got better range for a defense attack and Mega Needle can be spammed quickly. Rolling Needle is just great as it gives invincibility as soon as you start the move. Needle Burst is just icing on the cake as a pseudo ranged attack.

User Info: Plasdurock

5 years ago#6
Just stick tot he fact as much as possible, that's what I say :P
Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't. -Mark Twain

User Info: kirbymastah

5 years ago#7
Plasdurock posted...
Just stick tot he fact as much as possible, that's what I say :P

Yeah I'll do my best haha. How was the sword analysis above? Do you sense any bias around there?

I'll see if I can post one a day fyi ;)

User Info: Plasdurock

5 years ago#8
seems fine
Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn't. -Mark Twain

User Info: kirbymastah

5 years ago#9
Cutter Analysis

Note: all attacks with cutter cuts ropes

12 dmg

Kirby tosses a yellow slicing boomerang in front of him. The boomerang flies forward across a third of the screen and returns to Kirby. A basic projectile, with not much damage and it doesn’t go across the entire screen. But you can throw it forward, and on its return, dodge it so the boomerang flies backwards across the entire screen. In general, this projectile isn’t going to OHKO basic generic enemies, and it doesn’t plow through them, but it’s fast enough to be spammed. Still, use this as an extra bonus out of other moves that automatically throw this at the same time, rather than a projectile, because if you want a solid projectile, you would use…

HYPER BOOMERANG [Hold 1, release]:
No rebound hit – 24 dmg
Rebound hit – 16 dmg
Rebound combo hit – 14 dmg each
Max total – 72 dmg

Kirby charges a slicing boomerang, and then tosses a larger, faster boomerang forward. Like the cutter boomerang, it comes back to Kirby, but it can rebound off of walls, moves faster and farther, and deals much more damage. Like Sword’s spin attack, the charge is not that long, so it has much practical use overall. The rebounding aspect is situational, but fun, cool, and very handy in those given situations. Unlike cutter boomerang, hyper boomerang plows through generic enemies, so you can slice through multiple enemies with only one hyper boomerang. This is MUCH more useful than cutter boomerang, in terms of being used as an actual projectile.

16 dmg

Kirby slices forward with his cutter, dashing a short distance. Very similar to Sword’s drill stab: Fast, invincible, and plows through generic enemies. Sword’s drill stab has more range and moves slightly farther, but cutter dash is considerably faster and has less cooldown, but both moves are very similar.

SWEEP CUTTER [Hold 1 in air]
22 dmg

Kirby holds out his cutter in the air, damaging anything that touches it. Unless you plan on throwing more cutter boomerangs in quick succession, you almost always want to hold that one button for sweep cutter after tossing a boomerang in the air. It takes care of basically everything at close range in front of you, and doesn’t slow you down. It’s very similar to Sword’s Chop and Thrust, except with less range, but you don’t bounce off of enemies. The range can be a problem though, so be sure to space yourself properly to hit enemies with only the cutter, and not your own body!

CUTTER DROP [Down +1 in air]
22 dmg

Kirby drops down diagonally, holding out his cutter in front of him and slicing anything that he touches. This is a solid down-attack, with invincibility to boot that Sword’s down thrust wish it had. It goes diagonally down though, rather than straight down, so be mindful of your trajectory when you use this around pits. Even better, there’s no lag from landing, so you can combo from a landing cutter drop into anything else on the ground (like final cutter combo). Pretty nifty.

User Info: kirbymastah

5 years ago#10
CLEAVING CUTTER [1 next to foe]
Slash 1 – 12 dmg
Slash 2 – 8 dmg

Kirby slices an enemy at close range with his cutter. The only reason you use this is at close range, is to combo into…

FINAL CUTTER [Mash 1 next to foe]
Rising Slash – 7 dmg
Falling Slash – 8 dmg
Shockwave Near – 35 dmg
Shockwave Far – 40 dmg
Entire combo (Cleaving cutter + Final Cutter) does 70 damage

Kirby slices the foe a few times, carries the foe upward with a rising slash, slams the foe into the ground with a downward slash, and releases a slicing shockwave that travels a short distance along the ground. Kirby’s signature up+B combo from smash, this ability FINALLY makes its proper return on cutter rather than on sword, giving cutter ensuring that sword doesn’t outclass cutter like in the past few . It looks very cool, is reasonably powerful, and even unleashes a powerful projectile to hit multiple grounded foes! This is, without a doubt, cutter’s strongest attack against grounded bosses, but unfortunately it’s very, very close range, meaning unless you space it near perfectly, you’re going to get hit as well. You can combo cutter drop into final cutter, by the way…


There’s a reason why I compared many of cutter’s attacks with sword’s. It’s another well-rounded melee ability, with many attacks similar with sword’s, trading much of sword’s melee range for decent projectiles. Final Cutter is very cool too, despite sword spin being a stronger and safer move against bosses. It really lacks against aerial bosses though, and the projectiles don’t go across the whole screen (yes, even hyper boomerang) unless you set yourself up to shoot them backwards. Like Sword, Cutter is a common earlygame ability that’s easy and versatile to fall back on.
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