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User Info: Qiox

5 years ago#1
Ive decided to challenge the better of us here, as I know not everything can be skilled
Theres no real reward for these, except for a job well done! So, good luck!
1-Complete The Arena as Normal Kirby (start to finish)
2-Complete True Arena as Normal Kirby (start to finish)
3-Achieve 100% on both Normal and Extra modes
4-Complete every level of both minigames solo
5-Earn Gold or better on every challenge room
6-Beat every boss unhurt. Once you defeat the boss, even if you fail another, you do not have to do it again, and this can be done in either normal or extra mode, but not a mixture of both

Ive only done both 1 and 4 so far, I cant even earn a single gold medal yet...
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