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User Info: ChronoLurker

7 years ago#1
First this game was pretty awesome but had a few thoughts I couldn't find in previous post.

Capell coming back from the moon... looked around on older post but nothing mentioned what I thought happened. In-game right before they made the chain into a walk path to the moon Savio was talking about way that the first person to get to the moon to receive the very first lunaglyph or become an aristo. (forget what Savio called this hidden passageway) I thought that Capell must of found it on the moon as it may not have been so hidden up there and fairly obvious to find.

Why could only Capell and Sigmund cut the chains?
obvious reasons are that they're unblessed as Sigmund couldn't cut them after he got his lunaglyph (though we never saw him try) but Edward to my knowledge was an unblessed before his lunaglyph in fayel and being with the group he never got a chance to try would kind of be ridicilous as Capell got to try during his second chain they cut with him. So I think it has to be more then the fact it's more then that they're unblessed.

Look at the relationship between Capell, Sigmund and Leonid (for this arguement's sake he creates the chains which I'm not entirely sure of)
Sigmund and Capell is obvious they're father and son and can cut the chains that Leonid creates. This makes me think that there is more of a relationship between the three then we're told and I can only speculate. As we know Sigmund used to be an Aristo and under went a lunarite to remove all of his lunaglyph's and/or Aristo status by Svala (? Queen of Halgita forgot her name but i think it's Svala). So Sigmund loses alot of power, where does it go? She explains that Leonid is her son and that he 'somehow' gained alot of power that he was somehow able to control. As I like to believe Leonid received Sigmund's old powers and was able to control it as it wasn't directly received from Veros. That's my theory on why they can cut chains and no one else.

Finally what I don't understand is how the base of the last chain you cut is on the moon. Totally baffles me and it puts a hole in my reasoning in why Sigmund and Capell can cut the chains as it puts Leonid on the moon to create that chain when he appears to worship the thought of going up there implying he's never been. (imo)
Any thoughts on this or comments?

User Info: xyboi4ever

7 years ago#2
Umm... ok.

Edward wasn't an unblessed as people normally get their lunaglyphs at birth. You can have more than one, so that's probably what happened with Edward. He received a second lunaglyph but couldn't control it well enough at the time so he was that much more susceptible to vermification. That's what I choose to believe. He wouldn't be bad-mouthing the unblessed if he used to be one.

I think any of the unblessed would have been able to cut the chains not just Sigmund and Capell. Since unblessed are outcasts, they just end up being fairly plain and unremarkable. They just live their lives the best they can and stay out of the way. The people of Sapran probably could have cut the chain, but not defeat the Order soldiers and monsters guarding it and attacking the village so they ran. All the unblessed could see the vermiforms, but couldn't fight them so why not have them cut the chains too. They treated it like classified information. No one knew Sigmund was an unblessed but Eugene. He didn't say a thing until it was revealed that Capell was one too(at least I think that's how it was). After that, Capell took on the roll of Sigmund. That's what compounded the backlash in Fayel. When they found out Capell not only was pretending to be Sigmund but was an unblessed as well, they cut him off and wanted to throw him in jail. That's probably why they kept it a secret in the first place. Less trouble from the people of the world made it easier to get around. Sigmund wouldn't have been so popular if everyone knew he was an unblessed. They just gave Capell a chance since they had all come so far and he had the right people backing him up. It helps to have friends I guess.

As far as the first chain's base being on the moon. Eugene cleared that one up for me. Leonid may or may not have been there before. He said he was in love. His goal was to stay there with Veros as a god. Veros was just using him as a means to an end. Veros could have made the first chain for all we really know, and the Order just kept going at Leonid's command. Veros communed with Leonid somehow... or their both just on the same crazy wavelength(BFFs!). Your theory with Leonid might explain why he didn't undergo vermification, but he still has all that lunar power and an obsession with Veros. Sigmund was still an aristo when Capell was born so I don't think Sigmund's loss of lunar power would affect Capell's ability to cut chains. But I guess you have a point. I don't know who put what where first or how the rest of them really got there. Its a Veros thing. The Order does what Leonid says, Leonid theoretically has the most lunar power on the planet, and Veros is a god. Leonid could totally have the ability to make all those chains, or it could be some kind of Lunar Rite that makes the chains appear. Idk

What I really would like to know is why they decided to make angry Capell. I understand the anger and frustration, but then after he gets some, he's ok? A complete recovery and clear resolve? Is that how it works now tri-Ace? I didn't see that one coming.... And if it was two years later(at the end), why was Capell just hanging out playing the flute for some kids? You'd think he'd try to find Aya first instead of just being nearby. I think that would have been better. An "I'm home" type of ending. Capell finds Aya first, and then she runs to him. That makes more sense to me.

I'm glad I got that out... *whew*
Comments, questions, concerns? Anyone? Bueller?
Wait... Really?

User Info: ChronoLurker

7 years ago#3
well about Edward being unblessed or not... maybe he wasn't unblessed but still be without a lunaglyph. Receiving a lunaglyph to me seems very similar to christians getting baptized (don't wanna have a religious discussion so that's all I'll relate to it) and that most do get it at the infant age but not all. But the true unblessed can never receive a lunaglyph hence why I think Edward could be without a lunaglyph. (explained by Savio in Castle Prevant about unblessed being UNABLE to receive them implying that you can be 'blessed' and be without a lunaglyph) So those without lunaglyph but be capable of getting a lunaglyph could be acceptable in normal society as who the hell wouldn't discriminate against the ones with the lunaglyph to read and speak backwards lol.

As for Edward being more susceptible to vermification could be that he simply wasn't used to having one as the others had it since near birth. (assuming my theory about the one we see him get is his first) but you do have good point.

Hmm been trying to rationalize Capell cutting chains.. figured it was one of those things like in 1st Pirates of Carribean movie and that it was simply something in their blood that let them cut the chains or something to that effect. It was a far stretch on my part.

ya idk how being angry is cured by 'getting some'
Capell playing flute for some kids instead of finding her directly.... well, try to imagine the alternative, him walking strutting his stuff straight up to Fayel's castle, thing that would be even more like Sigmund's way of doing things.

I tried to answer your question but i think i failed miserable. lol
and i'm still laughing at this comment you made "I don't know who put what where first"
ya way to take one small little statement that seems awkward by itself lol

User Info: xyboi4ever

7 years ago#4
If that was the case with Edward, being blessed but not having a lunaglyph, then Sigmund isn't an unblessed. I think that anyone could get a lunaglyph later on by having a lunar rite performed by an aristo, but unblessed are not considered worthy enough to undergo a special ceremony so they remain glyph-less. I think its hard to tell if someone has or doesn't have a glyph so its assumed everyone has a lunaglyph until they are exposed and forced out(in some cases). Sigmund even told Capell not to rely on the power of the moon. So I don't know if the game is contradicting itself or Savio was just being philosophical.... I don't remember that conversation. I've been skipping cutscenes since the start of Hard mode.

Now I've can understand how Capell got into a better mood, but that was a complete 180. People were dead and he supposedly hated lunaglyphs and everyone who had them. I don't know what plan he was talking about(does anyone?), but to get down with Aya and then everything is sunshine and lollipops? Wha...Faina who? How did that happen? I guess it just makes you accept things...
Wait... Really?

User Info: ZombiDeadZombi

7 years ago#5
Why is this even an argument?

Edward already had a lunaglyph, he got a 2nd one, it was too much and it jacked him up.

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