how lame where they put the windmill shuriken

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  3. how lame where they put the windmill shuriken

User Info: RHYNO54

9 years ago#1
i mean i can understand if it were a really powerful sword but come on a chinese throwing star i mean is it even really worth the effort to get
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User Info: MeGaXmAn27

9 years ago#2
sounds like a noob player to me
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User Info: skyrax

9 years ago#3
I take it you haven't got the weapon, in which case you'd have realized it does have its uses, it's very easy to get, and it shows you the location of a free health and ninpo refill if you're in the area.

Actually, no, I won't report that as trolling. You're a GS user, that's punishment enough. ~Nemephosis

User Info: gelgel88

9 years ago#4
Definitely worth getting. Wait until you get murdered by this weapon and the follow-up combo performed by the Purple Ninjas and all the fiend Ryus at VH and above, then you'll know.

User Info: Meteorics

9 years ago#5
Oh yeah!In Very Hard and above there are powered Black Spider Ninjas(The purple ones)that use them and they knock you off the air EVERY time.Take the weapon.Well,Ayane DID say it is a Legendary weapon.It is useful.

User Info: drewdiller

9 years ago#6
You can use the Windmill Shuriken to spam hits on those awful grim sorcerers that fly around holding scythes. Before I figured out their attack style, I just hopped around and chucked the Windmill at them until they were toast.

In the Mission with Ishtaros accompanied by those dudes, every hit counts.

User Info: GreenGoblin2099

9 years ago#7
Also, seems like somebody NEVER played the NES NGs... so sad!!

The weapon is LEGENDARY for a reason, you know??
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User Info: TichaSCarnex

9 years ago#8
Nothing takes down those pesky laser drones quite like windmill shuriken. My primary use for that weapon.

User Info: akhilnutakki

9 years ago#9
umm...the windmill does suck it terms of being effective.

User Info: ParanoiaSMO

9 years ago#10
The WS is a side weapon, it cannot be truly strong, its like saying in DMC, the guns can kill bosses around the same hits as a charged up Ifrit can.
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  3. how lame where they put the windmill shuriken

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