sword and shield build help

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User Info: keenanchilds

7 years ago#1
hi everyone im currently a gr8 2H sword user and im getting kinda bored of it now so when i get to 50 im guna rebirth as sword and shield user and was just wondering what i should but my points into what armor to wear and the best weapons to use?

thanks for your time.

User Info: keenanchilds

7 years ago#2

User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
7 years ago#3
For DPS: Cloth armor, no shield.

For tanking: Medium/Heavy armor, large shield.

For balance: Medium armor, small shield.

Note that 1H sword is middle of the road. Won't be as good at DPS as longsword, won't be as good at tanking as spears.

Also note that shield affects DPS QUITE a bit... attack speed takes a large drop because of it. But their defense is generally comparable with a piece of armor (non chest) of the same level.
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User Info: GnatB

7 years ago#4
For tanking: Medium/Heavy armor, large shield.

For balance: Medium armor, small shield.

Just to pipe in, I would argue against ever using a large shield. The defense increase over small shield is marginal, but the delay increase is significant. And at higher levels, you get resist out of the small ones too.

That being said, I've heard large shields may + better, but for a half second increase in delay, (worse than medium chest to heavy chest), not to mention no resist, they better + a WHOLE lot better.

User Info: Meowmixxvi

7 years ago#5
get provoke, arm break, and shield break. those are must haves. mana leech is also helpful in tough situations. i personally use daggers and small shields when i tank, for the faster speed.

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