The characters that get the Knight's Ark? *SPOILERS*

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  3. The characters that get the Knight's Ark? *SPOILERS*

User Info: eccentric_view

7 years ago#1
I just got the red knight and it was given to Caeser. I haven't been using him even though I think the character has a lot more flair than the rest of the cast.

Does that mean I'll get more characters who can turn into Knights like Yellow and green or whatever, or are they saving that for a sequel?

If so, would it be best if my party contained all Knight players? I use Leonard, avatar guy, and Eldore.

Also, I thought that if I was going to use Caeser, I would make him learn some longsword skills, since I got a 52 attack powered sword from a chest. Will he be less strong than he is with a spear or can characters just be molded into whatever the player sees fit in terms of abilities?

I'm hoping for no Spoilers as to the other characters that join my journey, it's just that I wonder if I should be worried about who I want to have in my party. There's a 5+ level gap which will only increase as the journey goes on. I'm hoping for a quick first playthrough and once I'm acquainted with the game will give it a more focused second playthrough if I have time. But for now I'm hoping to not get stuck at some boss or level or such.

User Info: Rozalia

7 years ago#2
Eldore and Kara are the two characters you never want to use and besides them everyone is fine. Most say use Leo and Yulie but I prefer to have two knights with me.

User Info: eccentric_view

7 years ago#3
What the heck? I'm on the Balandor trail right now and the enemies are really tough!

Perhaps it's time for a gear upgrade, but which is the best place to go? Do all shops get the same items equally, and at the same time?

This is annoying. The game is easy this and the game is easy that but I'm already stuggling!

And I really don't feel like grinding levels as the process takes SO LONG... I'm level 25 right now.

What is the average level by end game I wonder?

Is upgrading gear a surefire way to just breeze through this game on first playthrough? I'm also surprised that no one made a guide for this game yet, what with all the fans.

User Info: Rozalia

7 years ago#4
This game doesn't need a guide really its too damn easy to warrant one. Nothing in the game can even 3HKO so you shouldn't have any trouble. Just go into the shop everytime you finish an rea and you'll be fine.

User Info: TohnoShiki

7 years ago#5
~Why are you guessing on knight colors and what's being saved for the sequel if you don't want to be spoiled?
~End game level is 36-37.
~If you really need to level up then do some quests online. You only need to beef up your avatar and have him breeze through the fights for you.( your avatar will be the strongest since only he can reincarnate)
~As for equipment, dont buy stuff from the stores. Good chance you'll find them in treasure chests later on. If you really have to buy, do it for your avatar only. The others are useless besides their knight arks.
~best place for you to shop for armor and stuff right now is Balandor since they recieve some new stuff.
~Gaps in levels between characters can change. Whoever is out as a combatant will recieve more experience.(Someone should look into this im not sure.)
~Always go through every little part on maps. You can search for treasure and level up at the same time! Don't just rush through the story or you will be underleveled and dependent on the knight arks.
~Some treasure chests change through the second playthrough so try not to miss any. The stuff in them isn't something big but you can sell them if you don't like them.
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  3. The characters that get the Knight's Ark? *SPOILERS*

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