Fulgurstone and Pyrestone

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User Info: antoinejones

7 years ago#1
Is Fulgurstone really a 1% drop or is it less than 1%? I ask this because Pyrestone is supposedly a 1% drop too but after doing ring leader less than 10 times (and the fact that you only fight ! cerberus) Ive gotten at least 3 Pyrestones whereas Ive done Belly of the Beasts 2 % times.. in which you fight at least 5 tigris and havent got one fulgurstone yet (and someone else told me they did that quest 70 times and still havent gotten one) wheras with scorpion Ive killed maybe 50-80 and gotten 5 hard scorpion heads (which are also supposed to be 1% drop) so Im starting to think Fulgurstone isnt 1% and is actually less than 1%
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User Info: jay24k

7 years ago#2
Fulgurstone i believe is 1% but I'm not certain. It is pretty rare though. I know alot of people that never could get one.
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User Info: KukaiDragon

7 years ago#3
Pyrestrone is a 1% drop off of Cerberus in Ring Leader 2. A Fulgurstone is a <1% drop off Megalo Tigris and can be found in Grave Matter 3 or Belly of the Beasts 2.

Basically, you are comparing mats off of two different tiers. If you fought both bosses in Ring Leader 2, the stone that could drop off the Megalo Tirgris isn't a Fulgurstone, but a Levinstone. Levinstone is the GR 7-9 1% drop off Megalo's.

Guild Rank 10+ <1% drops are a Fulgurstone off the Megalo's and the Coronastones off the Cerb's. Those are reward pool prizes only.

Wow, I hope I didn't confuse you further.

User Info: antoinejones

7 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: DancingSamurai

7 years ago#5
The caps is seriously unnecessary, especially when people are trying to help you.

With that aside; Silver Troll Mask is .5%. BotB II is suppose to have higher % chance of Fulgurestone appearing in Rewards. I've seen people get a lot of Stones from there compared to GM3.
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User Info: Maximus_Sirius

7 years ago#6
Oh, Nel beat me.
Yeah, Silver Troll Mask is .5% drop.

DLC quests (The quests marked Blue) are supposed to be more giving with drop rates by sacrificing Pearls.

So yes, running Belly of the Beasts 2 is literally the best place you can imagine to obtain a Fulgurstone. A friend of mine got 3 Fulgurstones in the Loot box in just one run, I on the other hand, have much worse luck. But that's the name of that game.
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User Info: antoinejones

7 years ago#7
the caps were accidental... by the time I noticed I had caps lock on I had typed 90% of the message (as you saw by all the caps) and I didnt wanna go back and retype the whole thing (they should seriously make a highlight, right click, lowercase option lol.

As for belly of the beasts giving a higher loot chance or then teh next question is does S ing that quest increase the chance of it dropping or can you just kill one tigris quit the quest and get maybe a D and still have the same chance of getting it as you would from an S?

Also Im curious who actually tests these drops rates... a.5% chance would mean youd have to do the quest over 100 times before you see one (if you get lucky) and surely something with that low of a rate would definitely not give you multiple drops in the same loot box >.>
My first time and day in Jueno and the first 6 hours of it is spent staring at a chocobo's butt.

User Info: Maximus_Sirius

7 years ago#8
Apparently, an S rank only opens more slots in the Loot box. It is possible to get a Fulgurstone with a D Rank, sure. I've heard of someone getting a Aged Dragon Skull + with a C Rank on King of Dragons III.
Not saying it's gonna come to you easy using that method though. I always strive for the S Rank. The more slots open, the higher chance of you getting what you want, no?

I have no idea where the drop rate percentages came from. I've always been skeptical myself. However, I know people who have had to run quests over 100 times to get a ".5%" drop, so maybe there is truth to it.
".5%" drop is the rarest drop, so I look at it this way: It's the rarest drop, I'm going to have a hard time getting it. I don't really bother to think that there is a percentage involved.

I didn't make the game, so I don't know the answers with 100% certainty, but this is what I've heard, and this is what I've noticed. An S rank could just make more slots and higher rated drops appear more often.
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User Info: Bull422

7 years ago#9
Well to date after nearly 200 battles with the Tigris boss (mostly S ranking the quest itself), I still have yet to get a stinking Fulgurstone. So IMO I would say that the .5% drop rate is fairly accurate. Ugh!!
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