Your Favorite Character (and why)!

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User Info: MorningRose

5 years ago#21
Beginning of the game Neku is pretty much how I am, minus the arrogance. (I'm the exact opposite of him in that aspect). I tend to avoid people, I don't trust or understand others, I don't forge connections, etc.

I liked watching him the most because it allowed for reflections of sorts for me... So Neku, I suppose. Although I almost chose Shiki.
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User Info: TriforceKeyblad

5 years ago#22
I'll wait to vote on things after I beat the game, if this is still up then. I'm just on my first playthrough now (w2d6).

However, so far, I love Joshua's and Sho's characters. Joshua is sarcastic, mysterious, and just overall brilliant. Sho is just pure awesome. I love all of the math mission explanations and math/science references in everything he says . . . yeah, I like the smart characters. I relate to them more than some of the dumber characters. Mr. H and Neku are also high up on my list.
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User Info: BlueInfinity

5 years ago#23
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User Info: RoccoRed

5 years ago#24
Neku... He... Well I can really relate with him.

I used to be so anti-social and much rather block people out than make bonds with them. But I grew to accept people just like Neku and I want to experience this world without my borders.

Shiki and Joshua are tied for Second.

Shiki really grew on me and it really touched me how she grew up (In a sense) and Joshua is hilarious!
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User Info: Thefunyarinpa

5 years ago#25

Because TWEWY 2.
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