garden of assemblage question???

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User Info: gamehelp1000

5 years ago#1

Hi, I have a quick question of the garden of assemblage, well I was gonna try and get into it as soon as possable! on critical mode....

the reason why was because, I was gonna see if as the same for the absent silhouette, to get the data rematch to appear, if it was the same for the original org members aswell?.?.?

or are they already there??? so I went on a quest but when I got up to the second round of nobodies... I cant defet them!!!

I get smashed at level 57!!

so if anyone can answer the question for me, that would he epic!! the question (if you never picked it up was) do you need to beat the original org members aswell (like Siax) to get there data rematch to appear in the garden of assemblage - just like the absent silhouette's right???

thx for your time :)

User Info: Glavewurm

5 years ago#2
You have to beat the Silhouettes first.

User Info: Raxivace

5 years ago#3
For the second wave of Nobodies, I just used the Tron keyblade, summoned Stitch, and then Magnenga+Thundaga.

Of course this was for my Level 1 playthrough.
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User Info: gamehelp1000

5 years ago#4

yup, but thats just for Zexion, Lexaeus, Marluxia, Vexen and Larxene.

I'm asking bout the others like, Xaldin, Axel, Siax, Luxord, Xigbar ect....

how to unlock them, I ws gonna do them all after I did the game, defeated all the absent silhouette's, XIII mushrooms, most synthesis, NOT TERRA!!! (thats after the data rematches)

but I was really set on finding out how to unlock the ones like Siax and Xigbar ect.. but I cant get up to it because I'm on critical mode at level 57, just beaten Roxas, not Xigbar...

PLZ help me, just to find how to unlock the data rematch of the org members...

User Info: gamehelp1000

5 years ago#5

is this right???

"Orginization members that you fight only in the Disney worlds (for example - Xaldin) will be unlocked upon being defeated, the Absent Silhouettes: Marluxia, Zexion, Larxene, Lexaeus and Vexen are unlocked upon being defeated as well but the people you fight in The World That Never Was can only be unlocked after defeating Final Xemnas once."

I found this on youtube...

User Info: Glavewurm

5 years ago#6
I was pretty sure you just needed to defeat each one's normal fight, but I can't remember if I ever checked that for Roxas through Saix, so it might be true. You have to have a clear save for Final Xemnas, and a clear save with the first secret movie unlocked for Terra though.

As for the second Transport wave, you just need to spam Magna Storm really. It'll keep dropping you more Claymores.

User Info: gamehelp1000

5 years ago#7

I was gonna go and check to see after I beat Roxas if his data rematch was there, but I couldn't get past the 2nd round of the 3rd wave of nobodies....

I just wanted an answer....

I tryed to do that tatic, but when I came down from the RC, those dam snipers shot me :(

User Info: Repose

5 years ago#8
Try stocking up on ethers and rely on Magnega/Thundaga, Genie Summon and Donald's Comet Limit. Also, the aerial finisher Magnet Splash is very powerful, especially in combination with the Combo Master you just got from Roxas and a Negative Combo Ability.

Comet is especially handy against the Sorcerer's and Genie against pretty much anything. If you have him in Final Form he's very powerful.

You could also try activating Auto Limit or Auto Final, can save you in a pinch.
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User Info: gamehelp1000

5 years ago#9

I tryed all that (accept for the genie method) and I gave up ages ago, I'm now at level 84, and trying to accomplish the Olympic coliseum journal requirements, well we'll just have to take his word for defeating Xemnas to unlock the data rematch for: Roxas, Xigbar, Luxord and Siax (excluding Xemnas of course).


I've finished the cavern of remembrance, but and defeat any data rematches :evil:

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