Convenant Rush Tactics?

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User Info: Reptile427

8 years ago#1
What are some good convenant rush tactics? I havent been able to find any good ones like the UNSC has like the elephant rush.

User Info: PSWii60_Guy

8 years ago#2
Best option is to make the temple first and a warehouse. From there, you set the rally point to the transporter in front of your base. Head to the enemy base and start hitting them with your leader in various forms and start pumping out different units (grunts/brutes/elites). They will automatically teleport to your leader.

I'm guessing since you're asking this, you're relatively new to RTSs. If this is the case, be aware that rushing is more of an "all-or-nothing" approach. It takes awhile, but you can often grind away at your opponent pretty. The best way to use this is to get a jump start on your opponent, not necessarily beat them. If/when you fail at a rush, be prepared for what's likely to come your way!

User Info: GrandPapi

8 years ago#3
Brute Chieftan rush, unless your opposition is extremely good, you should be able to kill him seeing as you can have your leader and two sets of brutes in his base at 2:30.
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User Info: Asylum_Dropout

8 years ago#4
1. Build a temple, lockdown your base, and set rally point to teleporter
2. Use ghost to gather resources
3. Constantly have 1 of your leader's special units queued up
4. Build up at least 3 warehouses
5. Send your leader to enemy base
6. Unlock base and make sure you always have units queued

This sounds lengthy but I can usually start my attack at around 3 minutes
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User Info: clubby_digital

8 years ago#5
Kind of what Asylum said but instead of upgrading leader's powers I would have a barracks going and building troops that are the foil to what the are building.

If you scout and they are building warthogs then build hunters and upgrade them once. If they are building infantry build more hunters and upgrade them once.

Above all, ALWAYS have brute infantry building as they are strong against everything early game if you are the Brute Chieftan. If you are the Prophet, Honor Guards are decent against everything but air and if you are the Arbiter then Suicide Grunts can take out key buildings like air and vehicle depots and leave them only with the ability to produce warthogs, which Hunters shred like paper anyway.

Also, always hot drop the troops to the leader just before you rush in or else you might get your leader popped before all the troops can drop from the sky.

User Info: NinjaKangaroo

8 years ago#6
I find Covenant rushes much more effective when using one of the 3 units building structures.

Scouting can help you decide which, but I usually use the Infantry because well, Covie Infantry is quite powerful.

But for a Brute you could easily use Wraiths and for Prophet you can easily use Banshees(both good early base killers) with their respective leader units.

For an Arbiter it's a bit more troublesome, because, well, Suicide Grunts aren't the ideal rush unit, though they can be quite effective when encorporated into Infantry rushes.

My way is to use the army, not rely on the leader powers, while keeping my leader a bit back from the main fight, so my constant stream of units from my base is less easily cut off, and I don't waste so many supplies in the beginning.

User Info: Slaughtahouse

8 years ago#7

Any leader should do. I like The chieftian the best (not just for this but like me fav guy to use), build Warehouse>warehouse>temple>wharehouse>infentry building. Focus on hunters and jackels. Upgrade accordingly. Send your scout to see if there making just supply plads and reactors (thats a hog rush), or barraks( make jackals) or vechial depot (hunters). If they make aircraft use jackals and ur special unit + leader powers.

User Info: NinjaKangaroo

8 years ago#8
If they're making Turrets, I'd like to say Grunts make great anti-turrets.

For 50 supplies more than the cost(as in 3 Grunts), they can take it out quicker than any of them die.

As opposed to poor Hunters who take forever to build, and can get a lot taken out from a single turret.

User Info: Reptile427

8 years ago#9
Thanks for the great posts guys!
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