Golden trophies

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User Info: Bahamut_Alex

6 years ago#1
When i complete a puzzle perfectly (without using hints and at the first attempt) i get a golden trophy, but if i cimplete it using hints (also at the first attempt) i get a silver trophy instead of golden. Using picarats dont give me the trophy (i think).

What are the trophies for? I read that the picarats are the overall score of the game, but what about the trophies? Anyone got all golden trophies? Is there any extra secret?
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User Info: TheGuidingLight

6 years ago#2
There are no bonuses for getting a perfect score or for answering every puzzle without using hints

All of the unlockables in the bonus section can be unlocked even with the lowest possible score

The "Laytons" basically allow you to see how well you originally did with the puzzle
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