kinda disappointed with some of the puzzles

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  3. kinda disappointed with some of the puzzles

User Info: epslion

5 years ago#1
I just started playing this game and the first few puzzles came off as rather disappointing to me.
I was expecting clever brain-teasers which require critical thinking, and to be fair for the most part the game gave me just that. But some puzzles like the top-hat optical illusion puzzle where the only surefire way of solving is using a ruler, or the digital clock puzzle where I'm forced to write down every possible solution and tally them up, just seemed to force me to "work" rather than "think."
Here's hoping the developers realized this and added more "thinking" puzzles and less "working" puzzles in the sequels.

User Info: TheGuidingLight

5 years ago#2
The series features different types of puzzles and players are naturally not going to like all of them

Similarly, straightforward puzzles to some can be difficult to others (many, for example, had a lot of trouble with the digital clock puzzle)

Overall, the series does a good job of appealing to a wide audience (particularly compared to most of the games that have copied the format) and not everyone would want difficult puzzles right from the start
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User Info: Supersugar

5 years ago#3

There's nothing wrong with having to manually work through a puzzle--that's actually considered a good logic skill :)

The puzzles are still a big blend of different types as the series progresses (word games, logic puzzles, sliders, trick math, etc.) though by games 3/4 they've all but done away with the matchstick-type puzzles and moved on to physics.

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  3. kinda disappointed with some of the puzzles

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