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User Info: Mishioshu

3 years ago#1
So since the DS and Wii Wi-Fi internet services is going down in May.....does that mean we can no longer download the extra puzzles?

User Info: TheGuidingLight

3 years ago#2
Naturally, you will not be able to download the Wi-Fi puzzles from 20 May

Players who get the game after this date can still see the puzzles in the walkthrough
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User Info: Kokuei05

3 years ago#3
The DLC isn't actually DLC. The puzzles are already in the game. You can access the puzzles with action replay.

I've made a backup saves for the 4 Professor Layton games with the weekly puzzles unlocked. Saves are in *.sav format.


Yes it's just 2KB because no puzzles are stored in the saves; just a flag that gets triggered to unlock the puzzles.
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