I am number 1

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User Info: TWYWPMF

5 years ago#1
on the leaderboard for homerun pinball. Ask me anything.
Not changing this sig until Blitz: The League 3 comes out.
I am ranked #1 in Homerun Pinball on "The Bigs"

User Info: blackrain9361

5 years ago#2
How many tries did it take you to get a million points? I can get 250,000 consistantly but have trouble past 400,000. I got a little over 500,000 for the achievement but kept missing curveballs and changeups.
Zombies and fetuses, my 2 fetishes in one room. Meatboy, bite that fetus in the back of the head- Northernlion
diablos32 is legit on com dom codes.
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