Who else thinks they should work on a good Online Sims Game?

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User Info: Sewy18

9 years ago#1

Am I the only one that thinks they should stop creating this money hogging single player game and expansions and work on a good Sims Online game (Ovbiously alot better then then the current one they made)?

User Info: Neonivek

9 years ago#2
The Sims Online didn't fail due to quality or being unfun

It failed because the Majority of the audiance wouldn't pay or was unable to pay for it

User Info: Jacen_G

9 years ago#3

You're not alone

I'm hoping for a good private lan or internet neighbourhood for the sims 3

User Info: frios302004

9 years ago#4

finally i know why sims 1 falied, they wanted us to pay a monthly suscription? WTF! i clearly understand now, i just want a free online mode , like any other game like CoD or AoE D:

User Info: Died Again

Died Again
9 years ago#5
Sims online failed and was relaunched as something else. It's free now. Try Googling Sims online and you will probably come up with something.

Personally, I would be glad to see fewer online games. I have no interest in them and I feel that the quality of single player, offline gameplay is suffering as a result. Plus, lets face it, the reason that most people want to play Sims online is so they can woohoo.

User Info: gaara999999

9 years ago#6
Jacen: I agree with you. There should be possibility that you could play with your friends online in sims 3.
"Your existence is a plothole." - kaiolini

User Info: Chainsaw_Max

9 years ago#7
LAN/Internet would be awesome. Hopefully they can make it so you host your own servers and not bother about teh online fee.
Pmmph mmph, mhph mmm mmph! -Pyro
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  3. Who else thinks they should work on a good Online Sims Game?

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