brightness adjustment?

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User Info: Dementiak

8 years ago#1
My computer monitor is color calibrated (spyder) because i do a lot of photo work on my machine.
so in effect my monitor's blacks are well, super black.

so when i run sims 3 the color calibration kicks in... and my game is just way too dark.
When it's night time its REALLY night time. and in the mornings it feels ike its dusk.

I've only been playing for half a day, so maybe i just can't find it but is there a gamma or brightness adjustment slider in-game?
I don't want to have to remove my monitor calibration just to play the game.

hope you guys can help.
(btw I love the game so far.... gameplay is so seamless and smooth)

User Info: tanders1

8 years ago#2
Please post if you find a solution to this problem. I am having this same problem with my PC. Spyder calibrated XP...

User Info: Dementiak

8 years ago#3
I haven't found a fix yet.... looks like theres no brightness adjust in-game.
Do you know of a way to turn of calibrating temporarily?

If not i guess im gonna resort to switching monitor calibration settings and hope an expansion or update adresses the problem.
right now playing sims 3 this dark is painful to the eyes.

same here please post if you find a fix. thanks.

User Info: skye_megaman

8 years ago#4
I was having this problem on my sister's comp but this one doesn't seem to
all of you should do a requirements lab and post it here, so we might see a connection?
I'm running Vista premium i think.
Skye can handle nudity like he invented it.- Lunchbox

User Info: Dementiak

8 years ago#5
As a quick solution to the problem, i just switched to the standard srgb color profile. in color management.
and switch back to my usual profile on exit.

this is not a nice option though as i have to change monitor profiles every time i play the game.
(this method will get old really fast, i hope they add a brightness adjustment slider in a patch. fingers-crossed)
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