sprinklers & donations questions

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User Info: baclibra24

8 years ago#1
2 questions:

1)are the sprinklers just for fun (running through and playing in) or do they actually keep your lawn green?

2)the 2 donations you can make from the mailbox...do they actually affect anything for just give you that useless warm and fuzzy feeling..lol
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User Info: cardician

8 years ago#2
It's not really useless since the better your mood the better you perform at your job or school.

User Info: mokeymokey

8 years ago#3
1. The sprinkler water your plants for you. I got my sims to upgrade the sprinkler to auto water and the sprinkler runs constantly and I've never had to water them since

2. Donating gets moodlet that lasts about a day.

User Info: Kythlyn

8 years ago#4
If your sim has the "Good" trait, donating becomes one of their desires.
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User Info: pctech86

8 years ago#5
How do you donate?
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User Info: sUshiBOi

8 years ago#6
how do you upgrade your sprinklers?
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User Info: Exiledfmreality

8 years ago#7
How do you donate?

Click the mailbox.
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