I'm having trouble getting my sims to go steady.

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User Info: HanOfTheNekos

8 years ago#1
Full relationship bar, they are romantic interests, kiss and woohoo all the time...

What am I doing wrong?
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User Info: TeamMM3_Xbox

8 years ago#2

I'm having the same problem. I've played the Sims 2 many times and never had a problem with getting two people to love each other and get married but I have tried to get multiple pairs of sims to love each other but they won't get married. Can anyone help?

User Info: cheat_zero

8 years ago#3
When you are talking to them in the top-right corner does it say "So&So thinks So&So is completely irresistible?" I think it has to say that to get married.

User Info: TeamMM3_Xbox

8 years ago#4

No it doesn't say that, I can't get to that point although I have talked many many times for hours and hours doing everything that I can say countless times. I am unsure of whats wrong and its ruining the game for me.

User Info: Fo_Man

8 years ago#5
Use romantic interactions until it says "soandso finds your sim completely irresistible", then it will show up. Use ONLY romantic interactions, if you throw a friendly interaction in there it mucks up and you have to start over.

User Info: MasterDinadan

8 years ago#6
Ask the other sim if they are single.
You can't go steady with someone who already has a partner.
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User Info: soulkeeper

8 years ago#7
I had this problem but I went around it by asking the sim to move in with my sim

User Info: TeamMM3_Xbox

8 years ago#8

Well I'll try using romantic only things because have I have never did only romantic, I try to switch it up. My first sim invited someone he liked into the house because I figured they would eventually get married but after countless times of trying, they are both elders and probably close to being dead. My sims adopted son found another person to move in with him but I have yet to get them to get married although they did try for a baby. Now I have a baby that, even though I am the dad, we arn't married so it doesn't have my last name...

User Info: Tagartis

8 years ago#9
I just hit the romantic options in a circle, doing each one. I noticed that when the massage option shows up, and you complete that, you usually then get the kissing and shy kiss options. then after doing more romantic options you get the woohoo, try for baby (without having to be relaxing in a bed!) and ask to go steady options.

So I would suggest using flirt, flirtatious joke, amorous hug, etc. (not the same one over and over, alternate through them or your sim will get bored) in a circle (as well as the other options I can't remember).

User Info: soulkeeper

8 years ago#10
I played around with it a little earlier today and it all depends on the mood of the sims
You have to check the top left of your screen to see how the other sim feels about your sim
Even if you are married the sims can't try for babies just like that they have to get in the mood to Woohoo so you will need to use the romantic interactions to be able to

Use romantic interactions until the Go steady pops up after that you should get engaged and then after that you can get married
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  3. I'm having trouble getting my sims to go steady.

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