Vampire Fish and Flamin' Fruit

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User Info: Pizztoff

8 years ago#1
Ok, I'm just trying to see if this is a glitch or not really...I hope you guys can help me though...

I have fishing skill of 9/10 and have bought and read the book to fish for the Death Fish and Vampire Fish. I have caught like 20+ Death Fish but can't seem to catch a Vampire fish at all. I have bought and grown my own garlic and have it in my inventory when I go to fish AT NIGHT in he graveyard...even trying this at midnight. When I icon over the pond and choose Select Bait, garlic won't show up even though I have it on me....what am I doing wrong?

The other thing is my Sim is 7/10 cooking and got a 'mission' to make Flamin' Fruit for someone, but she doesn't have the Pyro. trait and I read that Sims with that trait can make Flambe's...can my Sim do this too with a higher cooking skill or is this just a lost cause?

**Please note I have NOT enabled any Bloopreals (or whatever) cheats in my game so that didn't glitch me out**

User Info: Bladenyte

8 years ago#2
fire fruit is the name of the plant. its not asking you to set something on fire
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User Info: SFRSpacemoose

8 years ago#3

I caught my vampire fish during the day, and not at the graveyard. I was at the science building, out back. Caught a bunch of robot fish and vampire fish. At the graveyard at night all i ever caught were deathfish.

Hope that helps.

User Info: JediLord

8 years ago#4
anyone know what you can do with all those special fruit and fish????
I know life fruit is an ingredient for ambrosia
and fire fruit can give +5 to mood/and make angel cake(+15 mood)
what about other stuff like death flower? shark? robot fish etc? what can you do with those?

User Info: Kaezar_Kaze

8 years ago#5
If your sim dies, and have the death flower in its inventory, the Reaper takes the flower instead of your sim.
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User Info: Neonivek

8 years ago#6
Actually fire Fruit is better then that

Just by holding it, it gives a pernament +5 moodlet.

User Info: LolBBQsauzepst

8 years ago#7
I think we know who the pyro is now.
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User Info: JediLord

8 years ago#8
thanks for the info regarding death flower, have to test that one out, its particularly hard to grow...
what else can you do with the fire fruit?
and what about the other fruits/plants/fish etc?


User Info: JediLord

8 years ago#9
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