Forever dirty surroundings (-40) glitch? Help.!

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  3. Forever dirty surroundings (-40) glitch? Help.!

User Info: Redhunt_86

8 years ago#1

There's no dirt aound. No dirty counters, bad food in their inventory....

However, one sim died in that room before(i even replaced the tv that killed him), but i had buried the tombstone and was only haunted twice. There is no option to call the ghostbuster either.

Had anyone experienced this before, and had solved this very annoying problem?

(rant: i can click the sleep button, the toilet, the bath,the food but not the dirty surroundings options? What are you thinking EA?????)

User Info: Zek_99

8 years ago#2
Check your inventory (backpack)

User Info: Intertubes

8 years ago#3
Yeah, I had the same thing happen to me twice (in two different households). If you're sure that the moodlet really is stuck, and that it's not just some trash, or spoiled food hidden in a corner somewhere, or in your inventory, then you'll probably have to do what I eventually did and buy the Lifetime Award that resets your moods. It's ridiculously expensive, but it's definitely gonna work.

User Info: Tyheam00

8 years ago#4
I noticed my flamingo lawn ornaments were classified as knocked down even though visually they were standing upright. I had to get rid of them completely before the mood thing got taken off. Maybe there are other small things like such that could do it?
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User Info: xxxvvvbbb

8 years ago#5
Lots of little annoying bugs and glitches such as this one is present; definitely could have benefited the game if it was delayed another month or two for further bug squashing and polishing.

I'm thinking EA probably wanted to rush-release it now while there's no other major game releases going on though, so unfortunately we'll just have to wait for a patch.

User Info: danny_scouse

8 years ago#6
This happened to me when I had no food in my inventory, no broken or damaged appliances etc etc so I used the resetsim cheat and it went away and didnt come back til the house was dirty again.

User Info: matty159

8 years ago#7
Maybe the brown newspapers ?

User Info: dragonheart_3

8 years ago#8
if your sims has a clean trait they will find dirty to complain about but then there should be a clean house option that will clean every dirty room in the house. if nothing else it sound like you need a clean sim in the family just for this one reason.

User Info: gaoneng

8 years ago#9
Check all your decors. If any one of them gives you the option to "Replace for $XXXX", that's the culprit.

I had a fire broke out from the fireplace, which my Daredevil sim quickly extinguished, but everyone gets the dirty moodlet whenever they go near the fireplace after that. No amount of "Clean Entire House" fixes it. It took me a long time to realize that it's one of the decors on the mantel that has to be replaced.

User Info: dlindenb2000

8 years ago#10
I know this is a couple days old, but had the same thing happen to me. Turns out a door was blackened from a fire, since I play in the Wall Cutaway mode, never saw and it was really annoying. So a suggestion would be to put the walls up if you still can't see anything. Perhaps you have a broken window or something.
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  3. Forever dirty surroundings (-40) glitch? Help.!

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