why is my game stuttering?

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User Info: CYBORG112

8 years ago#1
my pc is enough for this game
but whenever i move the camera the game just stutters bad :S
anyone know how i can fix this pls?

my pc
AMD Phenom x4 Black Edition ~3.0ghz
4gb memory
ATI Radeon HD4870 x2

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User Info: Left_2_Die

8 years ago#2
You can't.

I have the same problem and my computer destroys the requirements. Poorly made game.
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User Info: CYBORG112

8 years ago#3
ea needs to release a patch that fixes this
its really ruining my game expirience =[.
idont even play it for now cause ofthe stuttering.
ill play it when they get it fixed.
Cyborg112 The Legendary Hero Of Robots..
Not Changing My Sig Till My Batterie Dies...

User Info: Neon_Blaster

8 years ago#4

Lower the settings a bit, and see if that helps.

User Info: CYBORG112

8 years ago#5
i have tried to lower everything
even put it in windowed mode 800x600

still stutters like crazy when i move the camera
but when i keep the camera still its a solid 70+ fps

its something wrong with the game i guess
i just found out from thesims3.com that alot of people are having the same issue aswell.

i hope ea is working on a patch to fix this
Cyborg112 The Legendary Hero Of Robots..
Not Changing My Sig Till My Batterie Dies...

User Info: 2uneek4u

8 years ago#6

If you have a powerful rig and experiencing high FPS but game still stutter? READ BELOW

Why do games stutter on my PC?
First to undertand why games stutter you must understand
the game's workload output data rate.

To give you an example:

Fear has a workload data rate of 62MS/s Oblivion around 126MB/S (in mountain areas with folliage quality settings maxed)uncompressed 8 bit high def video has 120MB/s

Any modern cpu, video card, and ram speed, will handle this
(a pentium 2 400 mHZ can handle traffic and transport up to 300MB/S) (obviously more than enough)

But sata/ide drives can't! since they only have a 40MB/s max output data bandwidth and cycle at around 200HZ.

Some people are outraged by the fact they bought a new rig
and their games are slower on their new rig, this happens especially when the old rig had a pata drive and the new rig a sata drive, pata is actually faster.

So as creepy as this sounds, this means that no matter how
fast ones cpu and video card is, their pc is only as fast as the
satadrive thats in it. 200hz 40MB/S wich is rediculously slow
compared to the rest of the hardware wich cycles over 200MHZ
and in the GB/S Range. A fast cpu and gpu wont **** out what the hard drive cannot put out.

No matter what cpu or video card or amount of ram one buys, Games with detailed outdoors textures, crowds, or intense action will result in game stutter and choppy
frames on a sata drive because the data rate workload of the game
is overloading the hard drives data output capacity wich in turn
stresses the cpu. So there is actually no such thing as a cpu bound game only hard drive bound game.

the hard drives recommended for 3d games and video editing are parallel SCSI ultra 160 drives wich have a sustained data read of approx 160MB/s and can
allow heavy game workloads up to 160MB/S wich is more than enough for any present video game with quality maxed out to my knowledge, Also running games from a 8gig ramdisk is a great option, they have between 130MB/S TO 150 MB/S (on a sata connection) (One must not confuse the speed/bandwidth of a sata connection of 150/300MB/S with the sata drives actual speed wich is obviouly way lower.)

BTW this also is why when people get a new cpu they dont notice any speed difference and will actually see a downgrade if the went from pata to sata in a new rig.

As for sound problems in games,it is known that Vista needs
openAL drivers. its possible WINXP service pack 2 needs OpenAL
drivers also but im not sure bout winxp sp2 needing OpenAL since
i dont have it and have not dabbled with it. if you need to
run eax run xp with no service pack if youre not sure.

User Info: Talonix

8 years ago#7
^---- Uh no. You pretty much ignored the role that RAM plays in the whole process. I've played Crysis off a slow external USB drive. It took roughly 3 years to load, but once loaded it ran fine on the highest detail settings.

Generally the case is old drivers, or too much running in the background.
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User Info: ptc1800

8 years ago#8
I think 2uneek4u is correct, or at least partially correct. I noticed that my HDD activity light is on all the time during the first 5 to 10 minutes of starting up the game and the game is stuttering like mad. Once everything finally loads it is a more smoother experience but still stutters.

I wonder how this would play using a SSD (Solid Sate Drive) instead. I imagine it would still stutter but loading everything should be dramatically improved.
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