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User Info: Krystal_Rose

8 years ago#1
Ok, so I.. Like many others, like to play sims using some codes to make it easier. Now, the large list printed in Prima's Official Gude for the sims 3 has many NON WORKING codes. I even went to the official sims 3 website forums and noted alot of people were having the same issue making many of prima's codes work. So, I found ways that actually work in the game. Now, keep in mind, this list isn't complete by far, but its the ones I wanted. Also, alot of the codes from sims 2 carries over to sims 3 I noticed.

Working List of Codes and How to get them to work:

~To enter the codes in, press Ctrl+Shift+C. If this doesn't work, (usually with vista users) try Ctrl+Shift+Windows Key+C. For Mac Users, it would be Ctrl+Shift+Command+C.

~Kaching- $1,000 to funds
~Motherlode- $50,000 to funds
~TestingCheatsEnabled True* This one is vital for many other codes to work.
~FreeRealEstate- I got this one to work once, but I'm not really sure how... (this one ignores cost of purchasing a house)
~FamilyFunds (Last Name) (Amount) - There are users on the sims 3 forum that said they got this one to work, I haven't really tested it.

Now, I'm sure there are lots of you that want aging cheats, mood cheats, lifetime happiness cheats, etc. Well there aren't any codes for these. To get these, you have to do it in a round about way. How? By using "TestingCheatsEnabled True". Here's how to get those.

~Lifetime Happiness Points (500 pts.)
For this, you need to be in the Main Menu Screen. Enter the code "TestingCheatsEnabled True", then load your sim/family. You need to make sure you enter the code while in the main menu screen or this one WILL NOT WORK. Then, go to the active sim's lifetime happiness tab, and Ctrl+Click to the RIGHT of the numbers that tell you your current point amount. Don't do it too close, just in the middle between the edge of the box and the edge of the little box surrounding the amount. You should see an increase by 500 points.

~Motive Increase, Static/Dynamic Moods, Career Setting..... Basically the Mailbox!
This one deals with all the ones that you access via the mailbox. Enter the code "TestingCheatsEnabled True" and Shift+Click your sim's mailbox. You should see a popup that will let you make all the sims happy (motive increase), Make moods Static/Dynamic (Stay put or move around), Set Career... I can't remember if there was any other cheats associated with the mailbox but they will show.

~Age Sim/Change Traits
Enter the code "TestingCheatsEnabled True" and Shift+Click your sim. There will be two options, Change Traits, and Trigger Age Transition (or something close to that). Selecting change traits will let you change the traits for your sim. Selecting Trigger Age Transition will do exactly that. Trigger the age transition. Be careful with this one though, because you can only age UP not down. If you're not careful, you'll kill your sim. ~Motive Bars
There was mentioned in the sims 3 forums that you can use the "TestingCheatsEnabled True" Cheat to make the motive bars go up by dragging it. I didn't try this one, but they did note that you need to make sure your game isn't paused when you do this or the motive bars won't go up when you drag them. I didn't bother using this one cuz I just used the mailbox cheats for motives.

~Turning aging off?
This one really isn't a cheat, but I know there are a few who liked using the "aging off" Cheat from sims 2. Sims 3 has taken this from a cheat to a selectable option in the Options Menu. Go to the game tab in your options menu and you'll see a checkbox there for turning aging on or off.

This is the list of the Prima's List of Cheats that don't work.

~Set Age
~Edit in CAS
~Make Happy
~Make Motives Static/Dynamic

I know they don't work because I tried. I get an error message saying "unknown". I've posted working codes for what the ones above do, except the Edit in CAS code. (CAS=Create A Sim) The only way I know of to do that is use a mirror to change appearance, or create a new sim. If anyone knows of any more working codes, post them here! Happy Sim-ing. :)

User Info: tigeryak72

8 years ago#2
Don't forget that with testingcheatsenabled you can shift click on any piece of ground to teleport there. Collecting is a cinch with that and the Collection Helper.
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User Info: gottaluvme2841

8 years ago#3
~Make Happy
~Make Motives Static/Dynamic

I believe are also "testingcheatsenabled true" cheats as well, found by shift + clicking the mail box.
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User Info: 0xZystx0

8 years ago#4
Thanks a ton! You just "answered" my question from . I am using Windows Vista so that explains it all! Thank you ;)

User Info: Tales_of_101

8 years ago#5
I have the guide and Shazaam is in there. Wonder why it doesn't work.

User Info: gottaluvme2841

8 years ago#6
Also... If it Ctrl + Shift + C doesn't work for vista users, it's because they're on a HP PC/Laptop which has HP Health Check. All they have to do is simply just change the shortcut key that the HP Health Check uses.

To do this: Start > All Programs > HP > Right Click HP Health Check > Properties > Change Shortcut

After assigning the shortcut to something else, such as Shift + Control + H... the shortcut for the command console in Sims 3 should work without any problems by pressing Shift + Control + C.
Support the dream of one, and many others:
GT: James Burton | PSN: James_III

User Info: Superman_88

8 years ago#7
Shift-clicking while using "testingcheatsenabled true" will also allow you to force a visitor as well as force a NPC such as a maid or even the grim repper.

User Info: Superman_88

8 years ago#8
Shift clicking on the mailbox. my bad forgot to put that part in

User Info: BlakBawL

8 years ago#9
Yes with the testingcheatsenabled you can shift+click on the mailbox to select any career you want.

Plus I recommend getting the mod that enables the debug console. U can google it i think its called rick's debug enabler or somethin like that....its on the modthesims3 website

It allows for like 20 more cheat codes that ALL work. The only really good ones tho are the one for lifetime happiness points and for setting how much money you want......

User Info: darksoulpriest

8 years ago#10
tag for later.

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