Best way to increase gardening skill?

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User Info: Zuku_ZuIu

8 years ago#1
I basically dug out a pond in my garden, fished there for 2 minutes and was lucky enough to find a money tree seed. Not that I need any more money but I thought it'd be a fun thing to work on.

I need level 7 gardening skill, my guy currently has level 1. I can't work out where to buy seeds, when when I get them, how do I plant them? How long will it take to increase my gardening to level 7?

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User Info: RobLyon123

8 years ago#2

See if this helps at all:;title

User Info: HellFireXS

8 years ago#3
Well if no other way, start reading the skill books, it might not be the fastest but it would work.
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User Info: JayDevil7

8 years ago#4
You can buy the produce and just plant that, no need to actually buy the seed. Or you can go exploring for them. Plus there are books and the gardening channel. If your sim doesn't have a job plant a lot of stuff to raise it fast.
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User Info: John117_MC

8 years ago#5
You can increase gardening by reading a book (buy it or go to the library), or by planting things and tending to them (takes quite a while).

Different items require different skill levels to plant.

To plant something, either place it on the ground then click on it and select "plant here," or select the "plant" option when the object is in your inventory, then click where you want to plant it. These options will only appear if you have a high enough skill level for that thing.

I don't know how long it will take to reach level 7, but if you have enough points you can buy the Super Green Thumb reward, which might make you learn faster.

User Info: Ardus

8 years ago#6
I got gardening up to 10 by simply finding seeds around the Central Park type area and the different fishing holes and maintaining the garden I planted using them.
I think I may have used books for levels 7 and 8 or something around there.
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