Level 10 career rewards

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User Info: nuble

8 years ago#1
What i've seen so far:

"Perform experiment on" interaction, usable on almost any object and furniture(even kitchen counters) that gives random moodlets(positive or negative) when your sims use them or stand nearby

MinusOne Kelvin Fridge that preserves food and leftovers indefinitely; they never go bad.

Criminal - Evil
Your sim emits a red glow randomly that scares other sims away

I've heard about a fox statue that you get from the other criminal branch, what does that one do?

User Info: Zhang_He

8 years ago#2
Just maxed out athletic career it doesn't give you anything, but so far I don't know any more than you

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User Info: tacophan

8 years ago#3

nothing at all?!?! sure u didn't miss nething?

User Info: RoshamboX

8 years ago#4
With the athletic career you can do autograph signings at the bistro for a lot of cash, you can also do an endorsement deal at the bookstore. don't know if it requires level 10 or not.
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User Info: grm422

8 years ago#5
Top of forensics in Law enforcement gets you the run forensic analysis interaction with the computer to earn some extra money.

User Info: DarkPalestine

8 years ago#6
I got astronaut and didn't see any perks from it except you only work 1 day a week. But the pay is pretty average.
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User Info: showoffmob2

8 years ago#7
Science doesn't give you that reward at level 10, but a lot sooner. I've been able to use "perform experiment on" since at least level 5.

Law enforcement gives a police cruiser somewhere down the line.

Business gives nothing, unless you consider holding meetings (gives 750 smackers for 1 hours and 30 minutes of work)
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User Info: pookiefan

8 years ago#8
damn, didn't know the fridge from culinary did that so i sold it. now i have to do that career again.

the music career also allows you to sign autographs.

i don't remember which criminal branch i went to but i never had a red glow and i never got a statue :(

i'm at level 10 law enforcement, triple agent and i don't get any special power as far as i know. i'm still doing this career because of the cop car :D i also have a police beeper in my inventory that hasn't gone off... hope i keep these after i quit

User Info: kylehow

8 years ago#9
I think every career rewards you with a few things are are unique and powerful, but not necessarily at level 10. Cops get the cop car and the Question interaction that fills in all traits of the person being interacted with. I haven't done much of the other careers yet to figure out what else there is.

User Info: xextremex

8 years ago#10
I don't think Athletic lets you sign autographs. That's the Guitar track. Am I wrong?

You get the police cruiser quite early - either level 4, 5, or 6. I think it was 4.

For Astronaut, aren't you gone for almost an entire day?

Level 10 Guitar lets you perform concerts. You can earn money. After 10 concerts, you complete a challenge.

Law Enforcement lets you investigate other Sims. You can learn their traits by going through their garbage (and probably other things... maybe their mail?) Also, at level 10, you can raid the Criminal Warehouse.

Can you hold autograph sessions at Journalism Level 10?
Early in the Journalism Career, around level 4, you can hold interviews or something like that.

Not Politics, but for the Business career - are there any rewards?

You glow red randomly after reaching Level 10 of the Criminal Career on the Evil path.
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