Pool with no diving board?

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User Info: Dragon12228

8 years ago#21
D.I.Y. cheesy diving board:

make one square of foundation, deck, or a pillar (w/ walls) beside your pool
make stairs leading to it
put tiles leading over your pool

limited to 2 (?) squares unless you:

sledge hammer a square of pool 4 squares from the edge
make a foundation/deck/pillar like the other platform
extend and join the "diving board" as much as you like
repeat if you want it longer
sledge hammer away everything underneath the tiles
re-add the square of pool

make shift, aesthetic diving board that is relatively useless.

User Info: DeAdMaNRoLliN

8 years ago#22
Hot tub was a stupid thing...I am glad it's gone, and diving board should have been there as an optional item, but it's not that important.

Why don't you guys try playing Sims 3 as a new game instead of thinking "Sims 1 and 2 with better graphics"?

User Info: angel0886

8 years ago#23
Cause that makes sense :)
I am a sarcastic woman by nature. So sue me. :p

User Info: SpikerzZ

8 years ago#24
Because thats all it is, is TS 1 and 2 with better graphics, lol
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User Info: Lucavix

8 years ago#25
It's clear that EA with-held items like the Pool Tabel, the Hot Tub, and the Diving Board so that they could sell those items back to us in a future expansion pack. The diving board will likely come in a "summer fun" pack that includes things like water slides and pool side slides. Hot tub will likely find it's way into a romance or luxery pack.
Peter Molyneux - Because if you lie like a lawyer no one can call you on it.

User Info: SpikerzZ

8 years ago#26
Yup, I love this game, and will not go back to TS2 because its awesome, but they need to put more items in the game to begin with, I hate when they leave out items, they did in TS2 too, with the car and stuff like that.
Gigasoft Computers: Medicine Hat

User Info: chill 02

chill 02
8 years ago#27
Because thats all it is, is TS 1 and 2 with better graphics, lol

Except for the seamless neighborhood and lack of load times...

User Info: Ironhat2

8 years ago#28
To Stingray:
YOU are the ignorant one. First i'm not your friend.
Second you have no clue as to my life history. ( Officer in U.S.A.F., 8th AF, SAC. Military people aren't good sheep in the outfit i served in. 20 years experience in private business, now retired)
So quit spouting off about which you know nothing.
My FINAL word on this is EA and any other business can use the business model they think is best for the share holders. If their customers agree they make a profit. If not, they change the policy or loose money.
Name calling people on a forum won't change that basic rule of business.
Check your six !

User Info: NintendoMan87

8 years ago#29
Basic rules of business my ass, no one ever thinks about the customer anymore. What ever happened to that? Instead of charging extra money for old item ideas, make up some new item ideas and then sell those as extra. Don't throw your bodies over a EA.
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Favorite Superstar: Stacy Keibler

User Info: Stingyray

8 years ago#30
Ironhat2, you should read more carefully. I called you a fiend not a friend. Perhaps your years in the military were not that great to you. Or, you lied and you're just a small kid with no reading comprehension. Either way, to say that I have no idea what I am talking about is arrogant. So congratulations, you're now ignorant and arrogant.

But I digress, sure, to a business shares mean the world to them. But when you start pissing on your customers just so you can make an extra penny, well you lose those customers. Now tell me, Mr. Revered Pilot and Business Man. What happens when a company no longer has customers to buy their stock or products? They just start thinking customers more than their shares some time.
Gaming. Mac. Pick one, not both. -HappyKhicken
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