Any way to make a Sim walk around naked?

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  3. Any way to make a Sim walk around naked?

User Info: MetroidJunkie

8 years ago#1
Let's just say I'm making a video for lulz and, in one scene, for awkwardness, a Sim will walk around naked. Not permanently, just temporary.

(In accordance with illegal operations bullcrap, I'm not asking for genital mods or even a censor removal, just a walk around naked effect)

User Info: double_woot

8 years ago#2
Have a shirtless male and record from the waist up? I have no idea what else you could do.
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User Info: Exiledfmreality

8 years ago#3
I believe there is downloadable clothing that's nude. Have him "wear" the clothing.
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User Info: DChocolate

8 years ago#4
i got nude skins from a web, but i 4got what web it was..... sorry

But the thing about the skin is that there is no private area shown(its just flat)
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User Info: why_not

8 years ago#5
Downloadable content and mods that do this are not "illegal."

User Info: angel0886

8 years ago#6
sexysims2 has nude "clothes"
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User Info: CloudStrife100

8 years ago#7
Seriously, where's the "always nude" trait?

No clue if it works at all (at work) but it's worth a shot eh?
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User Info: Cute-Baby

8 years ago#8
give them the nude trait

User Info: Ja-ZAamM

8 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: homer1111999

8 years ago#10
Cute-baby, the only "nude" trait there is, is NEVER nude. So, that would be against the purpose.
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  3. Any way to make a Sim walk around naked?

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