Highest paying career

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User Info: MoVEal0Ng1022

8 years ago#1

my sim is a level 10 music branch rockstar who makes about 1500-2000 each show, which r about 4 hours long, is there a higher paying career? i did do business and i liked that kuz u got like 300 hour but only worked a few hours, but with rockstar you can work from 3-11 if you want on any day

User Info: Eden_11

8 years ago#2
My one Sim is a surgeon, and she makes about 7000 a day after many raises. It's a 5 hour work day but she only has 3 days off, so it's more time consuming, but she has a husband who is a chef and he only works on weekends so it balances. (He only makes a little more than 1000 a day tho...)

User Info: Keranik

8 years ago#3
If you did get a higher paying career, what would you spend it on?

User Info: JetMonkeyking

8 years ago#4
Watermelons, and sofas.
GT: JetMonkeyking
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User Info: Lioneil

8 years ago#5
Well, with seemingly limitless raises, every job has the potential to get you a lot of money. I think the Medical branch has the highest paying base per hour income, but the most lucrative is writing novels (which isn't an actual career, it's more of a hobby that pays).
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