Quitting jobs, can I come back to them?

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User Info: amygamie

8 years ago#1

Lets say my person is level 9 chef career, I left my game unattended, I had one baby and I am playing on the epic lifespan. Well, when I left my game unattended on slow speed while I made dinner, and when I came back my girl was in labor, I was like oh no, well I can handle two babies. Well She had three so now they have four babies, and the oldest baby won't age into toddler for another 17 days. I really would like to see about quitting the job, but I want my person to be able to come back to it. If she quit, is it like the other sims that you can just come back to the job at the same position or would she have to start from the bottom all over again?

User Info: NeoGuyver1

8 years ago#2
I'm not sure, but if I were you I'd just age the babies early. Epic lifespan + 3 babies = annoyance.
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User Info: faz

8 years ago#3
I believe you do have to start all over again. If you want you can use the birthday cake to force an age up earlier.
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User Info: Adam_the_Nerd

8 years ago#4
Couldn't you just get some of the kids taken away by a social worker? Or age them, let them move out, and turn off aging for your sim? Or perhaps split the household?

User Info: Champ_of_nothin

8 years ago#5
Well, I decided to leave my World Renowned Surgeon job and I wanted it back 4 sim days later. I dropped about 4 levels.
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User Info: Elleena

8 years ago#6
Similarly I got to level 10 (master thief) in the criminal track then quit and immediatly rejoined because I wanted to unlock the evil track uniforms (problems there but that's another topic) and started at Bagwoman (level 5) rather than decoy (level 1). So I'd say if you quit and rejoin you start over in the middle not at your old level but not at the begining either.

User Info: hhhh182

8 years ago#7
You start at 50% of your old position in the career (not including raises).
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User Info: Elleena

8 years ago#8
Shame you don't keep the old uniforms if you restart the career.

User Info: Spikie852

8 years ago#9
And of course it should be easier to get promoted as you would already have all the required skills for the top position.
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User Info: TimeBreak

8 years ago#10
Use one of the lifetime rewards thing that let you skip your job without anyone noticing. I forgot what it's called, sorry.
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