"Oh my ghost!" opportunity

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User Info: Never_

8 years ago#1
Hi all. :) I've been playing the sims 3 for days, trying to make resurrect a dead sim. My sim now can even prepare the Ambrosia, but the opportunity from the science lab hasn't come yet. So I was wondering if this opportunity is COMPLETELY random, or exists something that can make it appear more easily. (for example, an high logic level, as I have read somewhere...and mine is only 4 now). My sim, moreover, works in the science lab (at the sixth career level) and she's member of the lab, too. I've also killed one of her relatives hoping that with 2 dead sims the opportunity would have come out. But I'm still waiting, and I'm getting a bit annoyed.

I hope that some way exist, for this opportunity :) Waiting for answers ;) Bye ps: sorry for my bad english :)

User Info: homer1111999

8 years ago#2
It's completely random. I don't have much time to skill with my sims, so I didn't have any logic skills. I got it anyway. It will come eventually.
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User Info: LinkofHyrule991

8 years ago#3
4 Sims in my household have died and I've yet to get this opportunity, Q_Q
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User Info: NeoGuyver1

8 years ago#4
My sim who lived alone got this oppurtunity. He'd never seen anyone die, but he was best friends with one of the ghosts at the graveyard.
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User Info: aladdin245

8 years ago#5
try spending time with the ghost. i realized this when i was playing. i was worrying too much about the ambrosia i never spent time with ghost, once i spen time with him i got the opprotunity
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User Info: hylm

8 years ago#6
Umm... actually it doesn't matter if you spent the time or not. Mine even get the opportunity when there isn't any ghost in the house and after the work(i sent the ashes to the graveyard).
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User Info: bshhk006

8 years ago#7
My sim's boyfriend died at the central park but i cant find his urn ?Where im supposed to look?Maybe its lost?

User Info: rulingsword

8 years ago#8
I've resurrected one of my sims but it looks like he returned to the netherworld randomly without my direction. I've been working on making ambrosia with him so this sudden exit is a bit annoying. Can I use the Oh my ghost opportunity again? I still have the opportunity open after the death of another sim but it seems I can only resurrect that sim and not the sim I want. Will the opportunity arise again and will I be able to resurrect the first sim a second time.

User Info: hylm

8 years ago#9
You can resurrect the other sims. But, after the opportunity you need to pay to resurrect a ghost.
There is a price for every action and event

User Info: xXemo4neverXx

8 years ago#10
I never got the opportunity until today... But I got it for two sims. I got it for one guy, then his brother got the same one a few (RL)minutes later.
...I don't really want to resurrect the ones on my land. Can I get the ashes of a ghost I've never met, from the graveyard?
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