How do I unlock the "Sim Lifespan" option?

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  3. How do I unlock the "Sim Lifespan" option?

User Info: andyy1294

8 years ago#1

Hey, so in the options, I noticed under the Game Option tab, theres an option that lets you adjust how long your sims live. However, its greyed out so I can't change it. What do I have to do to be able to change it?


User Info: eldonauran

8 years ago#2
Turn aging back on?

.... Just a guess. My aging is on and my option is not greyed out.
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User Info: sin_spyder

8 years ago#3
slide the bar under the lifespan title right to change it to a max. of 960 sims' days (epic) or as short as 50 days i think

User Info: andyy1294

8 years ago#4

Nvm, I solved the problem. Instead of pressing options in game, i pressed it in the main menu. In main menu, it doesnt let you change it. Ingame, it does. Thanks anyways.

User Info: andyy1294

8 years ago#5

Wait I have another question, If I turn aging off, and down the road, I want only 1 sim to age, can I buy a birthday cake? Do the cakes still work even though I turned aging off?


User Info: homer1111999

8 years ago#6
I believe you can.
(haha you looked)

User Info: angel0886

8 years ago#7
Cakes only work once with aging off. To make them work again you have to turn aging back on for a sim day.
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User Info: Fercio

8 years ago#8
you can also use "testingcheatsenabled true" and shift-click your sim, one option will be to trigger age transition, and thus age your sim.
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  3. How do I unlock the "Sim Lifespan" option?

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