how big is each square on a lot

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User Info: mavrick_19

7 years ago#1
well what is the lenght of each square on a lot. i have floor plans for real places that i wanna recreate in the game but i need to know how big each square is

User Info: game_freak63091

7 years ago#2
A single bed is 1x3 blocks so i guess you could measure by that 1 block could be 3ft but really idk you just have to guess
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User Info: Xegethra

7 years ago#3
well its obvious from the beginning...any lot you want to recreat from real life will be impossible to make exact in the sims as we dont live on a grid like they do....eve with the option to not use the grid while placing so you can freely put them down isnt going to help much....

of course thats not to say that you cant get as close as possible. the only thing i can say its the same as its always been...a simple chair in our world would be one square in the sims bed in a sims world would be about a line of desk im sitting at will also be that length....

but yeah you just have to guess and hope to get it as close as possible
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User Info: mavrick_19

7 years ago#4
i wasnt worried about furniture i was more talking about the walls and stuff

User Info: Mattson403

7 years ago#5
The squares in the sims 1 were roughly a meter... I heard this game split that up into even smaller segments which would then make the grids in this game about 1.5x1.5 meters. I haven't looked at the grid in this game though so I can't give you a better estimation.

I shouldn't have to mention this but I will. All lengths I just told you aren't to scale.
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User Info: mavrick_19

7 years ago#6
thanks mattson.
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