Are the EP and SP even worth...acquiring?

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User Info: Shenti_Reborn

7 years ago#1
I say that 'cause I mean, are they even worth my effort?

I looked over it a bit and frankly I'm not really impressed. I mean, karate sounds cool but apparently it doesn't show jack ****. Lame.

Also, I did have BV for TS2, but I never played it, it was that bad, brah. I mean, just not worth my time. Also, the fact that all my mods conflicted with the new EPs and crap just drove me nuts regardless.

Well, anyway, I don't care about the stuff packs but I usually end up...getting them anyway....but what about the EP? Is it even worth the time?

Thanks, brahs.

Also, I noticed that Sun guy was still here and it made me think: what happened to that OTHER guy? His name was like...World or was like um, four words in one name. Damn, I can't believe I forgot, but you guys might remember him.

Y'know, he was kind of odd, said something really disturbing once and I can't ****ing remember...argh, that's irritating. WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER HIM?!

RC, Sun, or that angel chick might know, what ever happened to him?

And P.S.: RC, I resubbed live the other day and added you but apparently you don't play anymore. Accept it when you get back on, thx. And that goes for any of you who have live, hit me up brah.

P.P.S.: lol @ 12-1 fail
XBL GT: Shenti EX /

User Info: RCtheWSBC

7 years ago#2
stfu about 12-1

Yeah, that guy had some SERIOUS issues, trust me. I talked to him for a while on AIM and he just had a lot going on in terms of emotions.... 'twas creepy.

I'll add you on Live sometime soon.
UF 12-1
RC: the White Sounding Black Chick
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