Where can I download pre made mansions?

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User Info: LastEpisode

7 years ago#1
I clearly have no time to make something from scratch, so can anyone post a link of where I can download mansions
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User Info: AdmiralSpanky

7 years ago#2
There are some on the exchange that are pretty good. Or you could try out www.thesimsresource.com. Accounts are free and most of the downloads are too.
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User Info: Hitmon987

7 years ago#3
or put in on google sims 3 mods

User Info: the_mighty_ankh

7 years ago#4
You can also get them from the sims 3 site. My sig has a link to the houses I've made, and one or two of them are mansions.
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User Info: femmefatale7

7 years ago#5
These 2 are my favorite houses, both from the exchange:



I'm using the second one right now for my main family, but i switch back to the first every now and then. I've honestly haven't felt the need to DL anymore houses since i've had these added.
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  3. Where can I download pre made mansions?

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